R&B Divas Season 1 Episode 2: Monifah has more issues. Nicci casts for America's Next Fat Model - I meant Curvato

Nicci Gilbert's clothing line Curvato is good - I just feel it's wrong to celebrate obesity in a population that has high blood pressure, hypertension and heart disease. Nicci could have just promoted her clothing line instead of doing all this fat talk. So do check out her clothing line at http://www.curvatoclothing.com/.


Nicci Gilbert says Skinny Don't Mean Pretty

Starts off with Nicci bleating like a sheep on the radio about her fashion for fat chicks. Who cares? Are you fat? Well I am and more than 60% of the population but I just don't like people telling me they are curvy when they are extra and some and some and some with a whole bucket of KFC.

Anyway she goes on about how she was sent to fat camp but the industry and it was like a punishment. You'd think it wasn't her choice. Moan, whine and moan and she finally found her true self after eating the last slice of Red Velvet Cake or at the bottom of the KFC bucket. Yum. So did I. Anyway love who you are but also try and be healthy. There is a difference between overweight, fat, obese and morbidly obese - so don't fool yourself.

Apparently they stapled Nicci's stomach or something. That's why I think doing gastric bands can be a waste of money. Anyway Nicci Gilbert in addition to not wanting to be a writer, director she is also self appointed spokeswoman of the curvy lady.

Whatever! The black community is dying of  hypertension, heart disease and some cancers linked to obesity - I don't have time to be supporting this trifling attitude of Oversize is beauty. There is fat then there is obese because I kept the KFC bucket to myself. My bad, but that's how I feel. 

America’s Next Fat Model

Nicci hold auditions for her first fashion show preview on Mothers Day. And for some reason she selects Syleena Johnson who she was beefing with last episode to end the show (remember Syleena bitching about Nicci's bossy's ways? I do but now they are best friends.). Anyway it's American Next Fat Model. Boy there did these women come from. Even the panel is shaking their head. Rachetness and home-made fat porno video stars come to mind. Whatever. That’s how many of those women looked. Nasty.

If these women's knees and joints could talk they would be suing these chicks for torture. Okay - it's past the big is beauty and its don't have the last grit, fried chicken or pot of macaroni cheese. Lawd Jesus Please! Don't kill yourself with food!

Keke Wyatt has words with Micheal in the Studio

Keke Wyatt is presently my favourite - don't ask me why I just take to her personality on the screen. This may not be case if I ever meet her. Any-road she's in the studio with her tag team partner Micheal.

They are having some friendly banter about how best for her to interpret the song when Keke goes into booth. Forget all the stuff she said about Micheal working her etc – it’s just banter.

Anyway Keke is doing her thing when some Miss Young Miss Honey steps gives Micheal something.

  I must have missed something but Keke blows up at Micheal. I didn't really see her problem but apparently the girl and Micheal where to close to comfort. Micheal says Keke was seeing things.  Micheal and Keke have a little domestic in the middle of the studio with everyone looking embarrassed.

So Keke is angry that Micheal implies she didn't see what she thought she saw. Which kinda seems it's like she's seeing things that are not there and therefore is paranoid and crazy. She ain't a happy bunny. Anyway her manager calms her down by saying that Micheal is just saying things to defuse the situation so it won't blow into a big thing. Seems to have the opposite effect. I'm with Keke on this thing. Sometimes people make out like you didn't see something so  you question yourself whether it was real or not. And it can drive you crazy.  It's like a version of mind games but not in mean way. Micheal thinks he may be trying to reassure Keke that the girl wasn't flirting but it's just having the opposite effect.

Keke says she has issues and is insecure (my words) then reveals her drama with her ex-husband. Wow! It's a hard situation and it seems she has something in common with K Michelle only she reacted. Anyway the girls meet up again and she tells them her story. She was at one time flying high with her career next thing she was virtually untouchable because she was the chick that stabbed that her husband. A bit like back in the day with late Left Eye taking matches and burning down her partner's house.

She confesses at times she hates being herself and behaving this way. She gets unhappy and is jealous of Micheal.

 Anyway girls compare notes and it seems that Faith had a hard time too. I only know about Faith's hard time in public eye. With the horrible death of Christopher Wallace Biggie Smalls Notorious BIG. Then the whole lil Kim drama and there was Baltimore too. Even now and again to get publicity Lil Kim swings Biggie Smalls names. Then there was the drama with his estate and bad boy records and the whole Puff Daddy/P Diddy saga. Not sure the story with Nicci Gilbert or Syleena Johnson. Oh Monifah, Monifah Carter, we are getting to the issues queen. And thought this show was boring.

Monifah Carter - the Queen of Issues.

I know Keke had major issues but she doesn't go on and on about them like Monifah does.

First Monifah had issues being gay/lesbian (well showing her lover off) and a former coke addict. Now her issues about being a parent. She is reconnecting with her daughter Akemi because the 'maternal' instinct didn't kick in instantly. She doesn't give details whether that's to do with the coke or lifestyle. I'm pretty surprised because last week when she went shopping with Faith for Keke's baby shower the way she behaved in the baby store I assumed she had no children. I was wrong.

Anyway a sweet pretty nineteen year-old Akemi comes to reconnect with Mama Monfiah. Of course all we hear is Monifah yaking about her depression, drinking and coke taking - and what a bad mother she was. Boring. Then at some point she is like I decided to live and you saved my life - she means her daughter. OK.

Her daughter is saved and has a serious relationship with God. Well good for her because we are all children of God. I can't believe this woman Monifah was worried about Keke and Micheal when it's her own child Akemi who starts with the verse and chapter and tells Monifah how immoral her lifestyle is. I shake my head. Seems Akemi found God when Monifah went for the rock and roll life style.

Silly Monifah then breaks it down saying it's the carnal - like the sex side Akemi has a problem with. I roll my eyes next she'd be saying cocaine was actually a vegetable product but somehow converted into white powder. It was that process she had a problem with. And if Monifah ever did weed she's be saying it was the drying that was the issue. This chick can spin a story round to save herself.

All I can say is that Monifah seems one of those chicks who swings which every side she fancies - so at some point she'd probably go looking for a man again. It seems that is new side is the lastest development. My dear readers I'm already tired of this heifer. All she does is whine and moan about one problem or the other.

Faith didn't choose that life and I'm sure Keke wasn't just playing with blades - she should have walked out long ago before it reached that situation. But drugs, depression and liquor, please. What about Joseline and Mimi who really had hard lives? Monifah tells us the daddy overdosed with smack/heroin at work. We all have hard lives to a degree. I do feel for Monifah but with watching rachett reality show
 all these women see to have the same story only they are richer than I am. For once can't they not use their childhood as some reason. However in the words of K Michelle - It's Monifah's story and she has a right to tell it. Only thing is I'm tired of hearing about it.

Then she goes further to tell us she’s being clean for a year and a couple of months. Just shows that Faith Adams and rest of the girls are good friends in extending this invitation to Monifah because she is still on the road to recovery. 

I think Monifah needs a stylist - the woman is stuck in a time wrap with all those eighties/nineties loud ghetto colours. I'm just saying. Too much. There is being an individual and then there is bad taste - and a fine line between both.

The fashion show and preview

There is a surprise in store with Faith Evan's daughter coming for the mother's day. Now Chyna is such a sweet girl and her shyness does come over on the camera. Behind that lies a very sensitive girl so well done Chyna and I hope she enjoys her freshman college year.

At the fashion show it was just Nicci yelling all the time trying to create some phony drama when there was none. Seems some of the panic was fake just to create tension because it's high unlikely that with the production things won't run on time. Jakeem was there as normal (like at Keke’s baby shower) carrying his behind up and down the stairs carrying out Madam Nicci's orders.

The clothes were nice so my show comments aside do check out Nicci Glibert's line http://www.curvatoclothing.com/

At the end the daughters gave a little speech - I liked Chyna but it seemed Brandi (Nicci Gilbert's daughter) was a little over competitive with her over-emotional tribute. And I didn't really understand Akemi's one. Well that's all folks. Still don't know. There was a bit of rachetness with the Fat Models work but the jury is still out on this show.

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