Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 11: The Reunion Part 1 - A bunch of timewasters Mimi is sharing Stevie J with Joseline, Erica Dixon needs a stylist, Rasheeda tries to hit K Michelle, Karlie refuses to tell her age , all women share their breast implant stories but deny having any butt implants.

Really? This was a waste of TV time. Ratchets, hoes and bitches with pimps. The reunion was about nothing again. It was the same old same old thing with no solid resolution. I'm only covering what I remember so for an in depth coverage of the 14 moments check out the VH1 blog.

The only person I've liked through out is Joseline because she has always seemed honest, straight and to the point. And she was the best dressed at the reunion. Somebody had cleaned up her ratchet style and called in a stylist.

 I'm not going into the horrible things said about Joseline because I don't have time and also I think it's due the fact she is muscular due to weight training and doing climbing (I think at one point she was a personal trainer) also she had her implants in a certain way they don't look right. It does irritate me with people carry on with the joke because it's unfair and hurtful. But then Joseline is the one cashing the checks so I doubt she cares that much.

Okay it opens with a thristy for attention Mona Scott hosting the fight pit - sorry I mean floor for the cast members. Erica Dixon is dressed like a street-corner hooker - what exactly was she wearing? Wasn't that some kind of underwear/lingerie? Pretty face but really she needed a stylist. The others all looked like off-duty hookers apart from Mimi who looked boring.

Anyway KMichelle starts bitching with Karlie. Karlie refuses to tell her age nor the age of her daughter because that will just us an idea of an age range for Karlie - maybe she has grey pubs downtown. The marching with Martin Luther King put down was a classic.And no she isn't signed to Cash Money but some complicated relationship with her manager working there makes it seem in a round about complicated Karlie way. Whatever.

Anyway since Karlie said she was hanging with Mimi back in LA we know she will be about forty or over.

Then Mona asks who has implants. K Michelle says her bottom is all hers, so does Karlie and Joseline - however all three says they have breast implants. For the record Mimi hasn't has any. Who really cares?

 Maybe Karlie wears butt pads. Even Joseline's rear behind looks odd on some occasions.

K Michelle and Rasheeda get messy about this Memphitz domestic violence situation with Rasheeda stepping up to fight however the security pulled her away.

At some point Scrappy, Erica, Stevie J and Erica share the stage. They talk about the fight. Now after watching Joseline punching Stevie J I know Erica Dixon is all mouth. She was probably just mouthing off because security was there. Even when they stood to fight I think it was all show.

The only thing was it seemed that fool Scrappy forgot he had a probation officer. We see him propose next week to Erica.

The famous threesome Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline.

The answer is YES and NO to the famous question. YES, Mimi is still seeing Stevie J as she gave a roundabout answer - he is the father of my child. And NO, Stevie J hasn't stopped seeing Joseline. I don't think any of us thought any different.

Stevie J did called Ariane a hater but I think maybe at some time she must have declined or gotten kicked off the Stevie J bus.

Joseline was doing the usually the mouthing off - she was there for his money and his private parts - well d&ck be precise. And it seemed none of the women wanted to marry him.

Though Stevie J said he wasn't the marrying kind. There is a strange side to Stevie J - he takes marriage vows seriously and since he can't commit to the vows he won't take them. That says a lot.  He also said he was insensitive to Joseline and he behave like a jerk. Don't worry Stevie we always knew you were a dick and jerk, we are just glad you realise too.

For an in depth coverage of the reunion read VH1 blog here.