Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 9: Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J still at it, KMichelle talks to Rasheeda, Karlie keeps on about a nonexistant career to an fed up Bezino!

This is show is one hot mess! Well an entertaining hot mess. It's so messy that even I have given up insulting them because most of the characters are lost causes and I've left out Doormat Kirk and Rasheeda's lovey dovey dinner.


Stevie J, Mimi and Joseline

We get to the aftermath of the punching session where Joseline is yelling and screaming her lungs out telling them to leave her alone.

Later, Mimi confesses to Dr Jeff that she lied about the Stevie and her in the house and said it to get a reaction. And boy did she get one - Stevie J was punched smack in the face.  Dr Jeff talks about Mimi compromising her position - what position is that? Anyway Mimi tells the Dr Jeff she'll love to hear Joseline's story. Isn't it simple? Stevie went to the strip club and broke the no touching rules.

He seduced Joseline and told her he could make her a star. End of  Joseline story.

Anyway Joseline is crying real tears and gives her version about Sleazo always coming back to beg her. He tells her he loves her blah blah blah but he's a player, liar and cheater. She has the same old line - bad childhood, bad parenting and bad everything hence Stevie J is her knight, hero and lover.

Isn't it strange that both Mimi and Joseline were independent at 13 - looking after themselves? Truth is stranger than fiction. Dr Jeff knows it's a lost cause but he plays along and finally get the women to say they are going to move from Stevie J. Really? I doubt it.

Joseline hunts Stevie J down at Benzino

Later on Joseline not having heard from Stevie goes to hunt him down at Benzino's house. Would you talk to someone who has just punched you out?  It appears Casa Benzino is a frat house - where Stevie and Benzino bang their sidelines Karlie and Joseline Ewww.

Benzino opens the door to Joseline in her off-duty stripper clothes and tells he Stevie J isn't there. It is surprising she hasn't heard from him since the punch up?

Joseline goes on about having sex with Stevie in the next room - she actually points the direction. I bet Bezino is thinking why am I dealing with these deluded people?

Anyway Benzino tells her there is a difference between having sex and making love. Joseline is like she and Steive J do it all. I agree with Benzino because there is a difference but I don't think Joseline knew what he was getting at.

Anyway Benzino cuts it short telling her he doubts she is going to leave and she can't separate sex (love) from business - wasn't that what she doing while dancing? Selling an illusion of sex?

 Joseline disagrees and says that it's Stevie J that can't do it. She misses Benzino 's point again - what he's telling her is that she doesn't need to give in to Sleazo. If one person says no that's it.

Then Joseline goes into details about sex with Stevie J and not using condoms. Too much information even Benzino seem embarrassed. He doesn't know where to look.

Which  man wants to know how Stevie J and Joseline go about it? So he tries to close this conversation by telling her she loves Stevie J. This encourages Joseline who just replies how isn't she  sure it's just the d$ck is good. Benzino still cringing can't even keep a straight face and tells her that is a kind of love. Joseline is like she can probably find someone who can lay it down like that. Is Joseline a size queen? Is Mimi also? What sort of sex does Stevie give. I mean Eve managed to put it behind her.

Benzino tells her that Stevie J cares about both of them and that how it is. Joseline next time she there will be not punching just talking at theray - Zino is like that's the point of therapy.

Joseline and Karlie go rock climbing

They bond over having sex at Bezino's house. Isn't Karlie suppose to be Mimi's friend? I guess she's swapped sides. Joseline tells Karlie about the therapy session and how Stevie is still her manager but she'll have sex with him when she wants. Am I the only person who sees Karlie's love handles? or Fabby sides?


 She also feels played by Mimi because how could Mimi and Stevie J be living together when she was with Stevie J at Benzino's house. Karlie is surprised about the therapy season then talks about Benzino and how good the sex is with Benzino showing us what she means with a bottle.

Is this what Bezino is really after?
 Strip Joint with Stevie J and Benzino

Stevie J and Benzino are in strip club and Sleazo is telling his homie Benzino that at some point he, Mimi and Joseline will all work together? - while stuffing dollars down a stripper's butt.  Is that the same club Joseline used to work at? Is Stevie looking for another star?

 Stevie J says they (him, Mimi and Joseline)  just need one more session to come together as one - triple up to a threesome, maybe? Ultimate male fastasy.  Bezino is unconvinced. He talks about No Career Karlie and Stevie says but doesn't he love her? Benzino points out that his love is different from Stevie's love. Stevie says there is only one love.

Bezino meets Mimi 

Benzino decides to meet up with Mimi because he's known her for a long time.  Has she lost weight? She looks a lot more streamline than before. Apparently Benzino wants to be neutral - was this thought before or after he allowed Stevie J and Joseline to have sex (without a condom - raw dogg) in his house. How is that neural?

Mimi starts to whine again about being a made a fool of. I'm not too sure what she wants but Benzino becomes a comedian and tells her she is always upset and barking. He tells her it could be worse. How do we know it's not?

This just annoys Mimi who just goes into whiny Mimi mode. Benzino is to fight with kindness - is he for real? Anyway Mimi just continues about being a made a fool of and everyone walking over her. There is a solution to that - leave Stevie J alone but apparently not the one she wants.

The Bezino really blows it big time by calling Mimi - Joseline. Mimi lets him have it with her yada, yada yada... You can see Benzino looks like a man defeated. He's probaly thinking how does Stevie put up with all this!

Scrappy and Erica

Erica meets up with Dumbo Scrappy about what KMichelle told her about Shay. Scrappy is all lies and saying that Shady Shay is just a friend. Yeah, right. If Shay/Buckey had being friends with Scrappy for five years shouldn't Erica at least know of her? I'm not talking like in your face - but at least Erica should know Scrappy has a best friend called Shay?

Erica doesn't believe him but then she goes to say he has a pattern of doing this which leads to the question how many times has this happened?   We know Erica wants him back when she saying Scrappy is texting her about love and wanting to go back. Then the ultimate blackmail to get a man back she starts to cry and brings their daughter into it.  Saying how does Imani feel about it for Scrappy to treat her mother like that.

Listen, Erica, you shield your child and just make sure you and that fool Scrappy are good parents. Just because Scrappy is a immature with women does not mean he's a bad father. Goodness know what she is feeding that child's head with. I shake my head. Erica real hold on Scrappy is their child together not the fact he loves or doesn't love her. He's just an overgrown kid who needs to grow up and he will if given the space - still a moron though.

Dumbo Scrappy now feels because Erica is crying she really loves him. She is doing emotions according to him. It's these things that make me say Scrappy is dimwit and a moron. She was probaly told by the producers she needed to try to get sympathy. They all cry even hardcore Chrissy Lampkins and Olivia cried.

Mama Dee and Scrappy

Like her or hate her I agree with Mama Dee. Crappy is too immature to settle down and should focus on dating till he's sure about what he wants. He is a bit like the Royce Reed of the show and what Erica said he can't be alone. This way things get very messy.

He tells his mother about Erica and wanting to go back. Mama Dee tells him to move on - she calls Erica a bitch - B.I.C.T.H - her spelling but Scrappy is like don't call her a bitch that's my babymomma.  Even Mama Dee is tried of Scrappy's trifling behind. He tells his mother he was happy with Diamond but it didn't last so he doesn't think he's a good judge of character - he doesn't know what good girl friend material is. Mama Dee tells him to date.

 Mama Dee uses street and gangsta words but essentially all she said was Scrappy needed to date women and let the women all know he was dating. Then after some time he would know what he wanted.  Scrappy is the Royce Reed of the show - always jumping from one relationship to another looking for love and affection.

Right now Erica is using his daughter as a carrot in front of a donkey. What if some other chick go pregnant how  will Erica control him. He needs to date and probably in a few years time he'll be good to settle.

Benzino and Kalie Redd

Bezino and Karlie need to get over this career business - she has no career! Cast careers in no order:

Karlie Redd??????? What The F$£k does she do?

Rasheeda - rapper,
Scrappy - rapper,
K Michelle (singer/songwriter),
Joseline (former/ex exotic dancer/stripper - now new artist)
Karlie Redd??????? What The F$£k does she do? 
Benzino (publishing executive/rapper)
Stevie J (producer/songwriter/musician)
Mama Dee (former nurse/pimp)
Erica Dixon (Healthcare professional)
Mimi Faust (Business woman - professional & residential cleaning)
Karlie Redd??????? What The F$£k does she do?

Even Bezino says 'You eat, drink, sleep, text and beep (sh&t) your career!' Again what I'm like what career? Let's face it he just likes her between the bedsheets.

Karlie tells Benzino he had angry and is jealous

We see Benzino cooking dinner for Kalie. She comes in dressed like she'd just worked the block and coming to give daddy pimp her returns.

 Kalie accuses Benzino of having anger management problems. That Benzino is always angry. She Benzino does some Incredible Hulk like expressions and I think maybe she has a point. But then he is probably just frustrated about this non-existent career talk - I know I am.

They argue over nothing then she says he is also jealous and that he has a big ego. She is talking about all those pictures of his abs?

We find out Karlie has lied about some studio session that Karlie did with some man. Benzino says he said it was some Jamaicans but it was a Trinidadian. Karlie is like Caribbean is Caribbean. The woman is shady and ignorant - it's like me saying American is American (but counting all of South America, Canada and the USA).

The problem is Benzino likes Karlie because she looks hot, sexy and he likes to f%&k her. He also know that what most men want Kalie for - sex!

K Michelle and her story

We all know KMichelle has being slinging mud about this situation. It's gathered a lot of momentum that even Memphitz broke his silence as the alleged man in the K Michelle drama and  Toya Wright and Rasheeda have come out battling on twitter. She is right about no one was there but for this purpose we'll stick the show's story.

Side note: The K Michelle situation - these allegations are very serious and the only people who know the truth are Memphitz Wright and K Michelle Pate. It's an unfortunate and sad situation.

Raheeda and Erica go support KMichelle at a charity Saving our Daughters gig. Rasheeda voices her concerns over this situation - ya'll know it's Memphitz K Michelle is accusing. Rasheeda says K Michelle brings it up all the time and she has being avoiding talking about it because the wife (Toya Wright) is one of her close friends.

However at some point she'll need to talk to KMichelle about it. This is what I think. Off-camera in private conversation it didn't matter what KMichelle said about this to Rasheeda however in front of viewers wrong or right Rasheeda needs to take a stand. She obviously has talked to Memphitz about it who denies it so she's not sure.

However both Erica and Rasheeda agree that it's time K Michelle moves on from this business.

 KMichelle does her recital and wears a wedding dress

KMichelle comes out in a wedding dress and gives a monologue about how her abuser came in form of her record deal and things turned sour.

 Hard Erica starts to cry and wipes her tears but Rasheeda isn't really sure and looks uncomfortable.

At the end of the performance KM runs from the stage and starts to cry. She says she is healing but not sure if this before or after she twittered about knocking Toya Wright out.

KMichelle meets with Rasheeda

She meets up with Rasheeda and talks about it. Rasheeda is dreading it because the Wrights (Toya and Memphitz) are her real friends where as K Michelle is someone is kinds of know but is developing a relationship with.

Michelle starts off saying all she wants is an apology but then Rasheeda asks what if Memphitz didn't do it. Michelle goes crazy about saying no one was there when it happened.

 All she wants is an apology and unacknowledged that it happened.  She starts to cry, yell and point at Rasheeda. She is quite rude and insulting to Rasheeda but Rasheeda just leaves it and is quiet. It's an emotional situation and there is no point in making it worse. and then walks off.

Whew, does this make sense to anyone?