Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 8: Joseline whups, kicks and beats up Stevie J while Mimi cheers on, Fat Deb Antey humilates Kirk, Shay and Scrappy go public and the rest of the show goes on

'Let me at him! Let me at him' cries Joseline
What can I say? Nothing much but it's just got a level that I don't even understand! There was only part I missed out which was Mimi and her brother only because I think it's a private family matter.

Whiny Mimi and Stevie J the Jerk

While their daughter Eva is playing unattended in the sandpit and putting sand in her mouth, her parents Sleazy Stevie and Mimi decide to discuss their relationship. Wasn't this suppose to be quality family time? I'm sure Eva Jordan would like a little push on the swings or roundabout - but heck no, Mummy and Daddy have to fulfil their contract to Vh1.


Mimi tells him not to take her for granted – she is not so cool that anything goes. Whiny Mimi is a little too late for that - Sleazy Stevie has already hit the strip joint and got himself a stripper. If that’s not taking Mimi for granted I’m not sure what is.

Stevie J then talks about still managing Joseline and  Mimi moans she can’t trust Stevie to be professional.  

Stevie J makes those puppy dog rat faces and says like everyone he has his own personal Vietnams and Mimi agrees. Then he drops a bombshell – he wants Joseline to join them in therapy. He wants them to sort it all out. What exactly is he is sorting out?

'No Reciepts' Karlie and Joseline clear the air.

Karlie invites Joseline for lunch to make peace at VH1 and Mona Scott's expense. Joseline appears but isn't in the mood for any chitchat. So Joseline cuts through all the bull and is straight to the point.

  Ok, well your manager can’t agree with my manager if he’s no longer my manager,” says Joseline. “You don’t have to do a song with me, you can just work with Stevie.

There is some talk about Stevie J and as usual Joseline thinks that every woman wants to sleep with that sleazy rotten love rat Stevie J. “Why was you so worried about me messing with Stevie anyway? You must want to mess with him.”  

Joseline forgets Stevie J is an ugly sex-crazy rat who has to plug every walking hole once it has a pulse, two tits and a heartbeat. So please, get over yourself, Joseline, not every woman wants that.

 Karlie is quick to correct her that she has a man but Joseline doesn't really care. Anyway, Karlie tells Joseline she is now with Bezino the irrelevant.

Joseline says Karlie looks like she is in love. Right on cue Karlie blushes and bursts into a nervous laughter.  Joseline has hit a spot there - maybe Karlie does have deepish feelings for the cold and Irrelevant Bezino. Joseline is like Bezino is my brother so make sure you do him right.

That's what I like about Joseline - straightforward and honest.  Joseline is unsure about 'No Receipts' Karlie because she thinks Karlie is all fake and phony however will give her a chance.

Crappy Scrappy, Shady Shay and Bossy Boot Rasheeda.

 Finally Crappy Scrappy is in the studio. The dimwitted mama's boy Scrappy finally got with the program and realised this show is about publicising music and mixtapes not babymomma and child support drama. Next to him is Shady Shay gyrating and jiggling her boobs while doing some bad twerk stripper moves (maybe Joseline should give her lessons).

 Rasheeda walks in to this lovefest and she hugs Shady Shay - apparently Rasheeda  know Shay from the industry.  Rasheeda is like Scrappy just broke up with Erica. She questions Scrappy and he gives her the 'Shady Shay is just a friend' and 'Shay is a homie' line. 

Rasheeda tells dullard Scrappy that Erica was hurt and crying. Can you believe this immature man gets excited over Erica's pain. Scrappy is such an imbecile! Rasheeda tells this moron (Scrappy) he needs to stop messing with Erica's mind - he needs to be done done! Scrappy says he is done done then changes the subject to talk about their collaboration on his mix tape.

The Cold & Irrelevant Benzino and 'No Recepts' Karlie

I must be missing something about Karlie's career. Karlie is a beautiful woman but what exactly does she do? All this fussing over her career. Karlie Who? As KMichelle says where is her wikipedia page seems she has one up

Anyway I digress, Benzino sets up a photo-shoot with his magazine to convince Karlie's manager he is good for her career. Who cares about all this? Again, what career exactly does Karlie have - weave, lip gloss and some booty modelling? Why does a man who is over 45 with grey pubs care about what her management say?

 I don't and in the words of Joseline - it comes over fake and phony. That's exactly why I think Benzino is irrelevant and cold  in this show.  And until I get another name I shall be calling him the Cold & Irrelevant Bezino.

She gives him a with a puzzle piece and the whole thing comes over a little awkward.

However more awkward is that Sir Ugly (in a cute way)-Cold-and-Irrelevant Bezino rides up on a motorbike like a knight in shining armour to his jeweller to get some a little something for Karlie in return. He drones on about how complete and special Karlie makes him feel. Yawn.

For some reason he chooses a ring that looks like an engagement or friendship ring and says he has goose bumps. Whatever.  Ugly (in a cute sort of way). Irrelevant. Cold.

The Crappy Scrappy mixtape party

These guys have a launch party for everything - even having a wash with a bar of soap is an occasion on this show!

The girls meet up  and for the first time Erica is missing! Rasheeda tells them about Scrappy and Shady Shay - about the 'homie and friends' interacting with a kiss. Memphis motormouth starts about how someone needs to tells Erica because they are her friends. 

 Rasheeda doesn't want to get involved. Well who cares because we know Memphis Motormouth K Michelle thinks interfering in these things is her duty. First of all, it's none of her business and secondly, Erica and that imbecile Scrappy have broken off.

Scrappy comes in with Shay and Rasheeda hugs her. Shady Shay is dressed in a orange dress that shows off her underwear and Scrappy looks like a Soulja Boy wannabe reject.  It even occur to K Michelle that if Erica was still important in the Child Support evader's life she would have been at the mixtape party.

Erica and  K Michelle  go in circles about men

KMichelle as promised sticks her long face and big nose where it's not wanted. In Scrappy and Erica's business. Erica has a reason or excuse for Scrappy's behaviour - basically he doesn't like to be alone.

“I’ve been dealing with Scrappy for years. He cannot be by himself. Period. He’ll meet a bitch at the gas station and they buddy buddy.” she explains to KMichelle who has a fake sympathetic look on her face.

Bottom line is that Erica still thinks Scrappy want to be with her.  For some reason it's like she is waiting for Scrappy to see some sort of light and come back to her. Maybe this is why she always takes him back.

Ariane and Whiny Mimi

Whiny Mimi needs to vent so she calls up her Ariane. Boring, yawn, yawn. She just whines about the same old stuff. Stevie this and Stevie that, Joseline this and Joseline that.

This chick can't seem to move on - not even when this jerk is making a fool out of her in front of two million VH1 viewers. Whiny Mimi comes over deluded as to the state of play or maybe she is going through the motions for the stake of VH1 and Love and Hip Hop fans. I'm not sure which. That paycheck must be huge!

Doormat Kirk finally hit loser rock bottom with Fat Deb Atney

Why not kick Kirk in the balls and be done with it? Humiliation know no boundaries where poor doormat  and walk-over Kirk is involved.

 He goes for a complete and utter dressing down by fat Deb Atney who looks like she eats a super-sized bucket of KFC chicken at one go. Deb Atney runs her mouth so badly at Kirk I'm thinking how much money are they paying Doormat Kirk for this humiliation? Please, has the man no pride?

Doormat Kirk tries to tell it as it is but Fat Debs Atney lets him have it. She has watched Rasheeda climb and decline and delow which really means Kirk has always being the common denominator.

“It’s about coming from under the ground. She’s dirty. She’s stinking. She wanna come up for air....,” says Fat Deb. What can he say to that? I know Doormat Kirk has being violated again.  

The two cold and irrelevant uglies meet up: Sleazy Stevie J and Benzino.

Isn't it strange that Bezino was playing pool by himself? or maybe he was playing with the VH1 crew before Sleaze bag Stevie turned up. Why Benzino his jeans hanging like he is in his teens or early twenties. Too old. too ugly - in a cute way. Just too wrinkly to be doing wearing that style.

Anyway Stevie is treating the whole counselling and therapy thing like it's a game. The jerk is proud about getting both Joseline and Mimi to agree to go. Benzino is not sure it's a good idea. At least Benzino has more sense than that jerk Stevie J and tells him it's about who he chooses. They talk about Karlie and Benzino tells him about the jeweller - Sleaze-bag Stevie is impressed.

Stevie J. Joseline and Mimi with Dr. Jeff and the moment we have all being waiting for!

Stevie J finally confesses he loves both Joseline and Mimi.

Do you see his smile every time he mentions Joseline? His beady rat eyes light up in pleasure. He says Joseline is his artist, friend and business partner. Mimi is like I'm your business partner too. Let's cut all this bull rubbish and be honest - Mimi is wasting her time with Stevie J. Stevie J wants out of the relationship but doesn't seem able to say that. I think he's afraid of leaving Mimi and wants her to leave him first.  They are both caught up in some sort of web. One of them has to let go otherwise it will be always this rebound play of on and off.

Joseline is confused to why she has to go to the counselling/therapy session but it's probably in her VH1 contract so she couldn't refuse.

Joseline walks in and the Dr Jeff starts to talk to her. She tells him what Stevie said Mimi was then gives him the history of their relationship.

Then Stevie wipes the sweat off Joseline's nose. Why is he always touching Joseline's nose? Anyway Mimi is shocked.  Dr Jeff is tells him it's passive aggressive.  It all hits the fan when Mimi tells Joseline that she and Stevie are back living together.

BAM! Stevie J gets a fistful of Joseline and she beats him better than Scrappy did!

 Joseline sees red and gives him a left hook.  POW!

Mimi quickly moved over to let Joseline have full access to Stevie J. Whack!

Quickly the security get involved but Joseline is mad and she has it in for Stevie J. They take him out of the room. Thump!

 Dr Jeff tries to calm Joseline down but she is so upset about Stevie J's betrayal she shrugs them all off.  Joseline was so strong that no one or man could restrain her.

Joseline hitting Stevie J  gave Mimi a sweet sense of satisfaction and she smirks her way to the end of the show.

To be honest we all know Stevie J is going back to beg Joseline for more! This picture  was taken a lot later proves it. Maybe Stevie likes tough love with good twacking and whupping from time to time.  I bet Mimi will still be whining about Stevie but let's face it the jerk has moved on to who calls the shots - Joseline!