Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 7: Mimi and Stevie J go for Counseling, Benzino show Karlie he is still relevant; KMichelle makes Mimi's pain into music, Scrappy plays pool with Shay, KMicehelle goes dating and the rest of the show goes on....

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is my SHOW! I love it! I'm not covering boring Bossy Boots Rasheed and Doormat 'I've been violated' Kirk. Over those two they don't match the rest of the show.

This I'm just picking out a few points and I'm starting backwards with the counselling first then working my way down.

Sleazy Stevie J and Whiny Mimi go for therapy

I'm not sure what Whiny Mimi whats to achieve by all this. Anyway Sleazy Stevie admits he is a liar and is a cheat. It's a bit uncomfortable and painful to watch and at times I wonder what Mimi thinks she will gain from this. Some things aren't just for the camera. And this is one of them. Stevie J is just wants to stop fighting. He's a loverman unless it's horizontal fighting in bed!

But what sums it for me is that he says he is not in love with Whiny Mimi though he wants her happy. He loves her but isn't in love with her. Isn't that the classic break up line? When asked about Joseline he pauses and says he loves her ... like a friend. Is Joseline Sleazy J's sexual napalm - in the words of John Mayer? He can't see to get enough of her and dribbles like a dog smacking and licking his lips everything she is near - even when they are fighting.

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Face it Joseline has a banging body, bigger breasts (even if badly done implants big is big ) and bigger Rear. Behind. Butt.  Booty. than Whiny Mimi will ever have unless Mimi gets some implants - go figure.  Joseline's body is banging (even if very muscular and hard) and Stevie J just wants something new and exciting - not the constant nagging. He doesn't want to fight any more.

Then they go into the therapy bull (I break it down at the bottom of the post) about abandonment issues but Stevie J's mother and Mimi by her mother too.  Same old but the most important thing I think is that Stevie J said he wasn't in love with Mimi so more than likely will stray again if someone else catches his eye!

NEXT WEEK! Does Joseline Sucker Punch Stevie J

And next week in Stevie J invites Joseline it counselling, can you believe it? Mimi starts saying that Stevie is living with herand Joselene sucker punches Stevie J - can't wait for that ya'll!

Where does Stevie J really Live?

Memphis motormouth K Michelle makes music out of Mimi's pain

Whiny Mimi goes to see K Michelle who has written her for her. It's about Mimi's pain and Joselene getting pregnant. She says it's about the situation Mimi has with Stevie J. I'm not sure it's any of her business but Mimi seems to like the song - probably because the song is a whine, moan and nag about Sleazy Stevie womanising ways - not forgetting the pregnant chick, too.

Memphis Motor mouth K Michelle asks Mimi the vital question - “Is the counselling for this to be a relationship, or is the counselling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?” Mimi tells her it's just they so they can stay in the same room together. Well at least this situation is providing someone with inspiration.

Karlie Redd and her stupid Manager Malcolm Miles.

Karlie meets her manager Malcolm Miles who asks he what she is doing. Well just about everything - skin creams, lip gloss (what is it with lip gloss) and hair line etc. She also tells him she is seeing Benzino.

Malcolm tells Karlie to dump Benzino because he is cold - is that like dead? Malcolm tells Karlie that Benzino is irrelevant today and she needs to be seen with someone hotter and more relevant than Karlie.

“In the public eye I don’t know how people looking at Benzino right now,” Malcolm says. “If it’s somebody hot and relevant that’s gonna put you in a certain light—then maybe.” 

Karlie  isn't listening to Malcolm and tells him that isn't right what he is saying and every girl needs love sometimes. She needs a loves as well.

Is Malcolm Miles jealous about Benzino?

Karlie gets breakfast in bed at Benzino's crib

Karlie gets serves breakfast in bed by Benzino. Then he gives her the key to his house - wow! This Benzino dude is in love - well behaves it.

Talk about timing - she tells him about what Malcom said. Benzino is really hurt and tells her she needs to decide if it's about the her or the industry.  “If you want to let them guide your life, and everything has to be hot and cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit motherf$&ing record, ’cause it’s not like you’re so mothef$&king hot yourself either,” Bezino says to Karlie. He does have a point - I never knew about she was till this show.

 The man looked like he was in pain and hurt.  I guess to be called a has-been and irrelevant isn't nice. He tells her to know what she wants because he can't go through all that and live his life like that. Karlie consoles him - she is old enough to know that fame isn't everything. She can do a lot worst than Benzino.

Later on Bezino to show Karlie he still has clout and is relevant in the music industry he introduces Karlie to Vincent Herbert, Lady Gaga‘s manager. She is all excited and keeps on caressing and touching Benzino his arm. She seems to honestly like Benzino - there is an easy chemistry between them.

Let's keep this 100% Vincent can't even make his own wife a star and maybe Gaga was a one off but still whatever. Also how many exec ask him to meet their latest wives, girl friends or jump off. So he tells them the same thing. Oh how talented they are!

Whiny Mimi sees Sleazy Stevie J sings

Mimi and Erica go see Memphis motormouth KMichelle sing at some show. Stevie J hops on the stage in a vest - like he's being cleaning and had a hard day on a chain gang all day. He starts to sing. He sings badly - he should really stick to producing. The whole thing is out of tune and frankly is embrassing. I'm sure Mimi wanted to ground to open and swallow her.

  She isn't impressed. Then he walks to her and asks he to come outside. She goes then starts whining about how much he has hurt her. “I don’t think you understand how much you hurt me, I really don’t,” Mimi says. “You hurt me to the core,” she whines as tears roll down her waterproof makeup and cheeks.

Sleazy Stevie J says he doesn't want to fight anymore - probably just wants to make love - I'm a lover not a fighter to quote the late Micheal Jackson. After some time Sleazy J leads Whiny Mimi away - looked like they were going for make-up sex!

Crappy Scrappy and Shady Shay play pool

This guy took the couch from his baby momma house! What is his child suppose to sit on? What a fuckwit and loser! Scrappy is whining about Erica saying he will get his lawyers involved and Erica is trying to use the child support payments to get back with him. Shay is practical and tells him don't get the authorities involved because it will turn messy.

 Keep away from lawyers, child support officials and the police Shay Johnson warns him and tells him he should try to come to some agreement with Erica. Shay makes good sense it's just a pity that Scrappy is a fool and loser.

Joseline and Sleazy Stevie J play fight

Joseline is working with another producer when Stevie J walks in. There is so much that is wrong with this. Let's be 100% -  Stevie J does not care who Joseline works with once she is not having sex with them.  He has no time for professional jealousy. Joseline and Stevie J have a little banter but it's really a kind of flirting that couples do. They are probably going to have sex after that scene.

Pretty much what Stevie was saying  to Joseline is she can work with who she wants but she is his!

 K Michelle - is she a man eater?

Memphis motormouth K Michelle is very good with one liners but I'm not really sure about her constant talking without brakes. She goes on a date with a guy and basically is very upfront. She just attacks with her mouth - even if it's in a nice way. Too much. That can frighthen off some people. She tells him she likes his lips and then they start to kiss - whatever.

Then she goes to ask her ex college boyfriend for advice. He tells her the same old bull rubbish about the picking the wrong kind of men. Whatever. I don't think he had anything new or interesting to say.

Whiny Mimi and Sleazy Stevie J: counselling and therapy break down.

Having watched enough Oprah, Dr Phil and Jerry Springer this is my summary of the the love triangle.  Mimi and Stevie J have been disappointed with their mothers. So Mimi tries to be a nurturer and mothers that Stevie J.

In turn Sleazy Stevie J responds to the mothering instinct in Whiny Mimi. He doesn't want to her hurt, the way you don't want to keep on hurting your parent. However she no longer represents his passion, excitement and erotic danger.

 This change probably came about when she had the baby since women's priorities change with childbirth. It does not mean Stevie is right - it's just how it is. The baby is the most important which then demotes Stevie J. He now sees Whiny Mimi in a different role as a mothering figure as opposed to his lover. Good or bad sometimes having children can change a relationship esp when Stevie already had four baby mothers on the go.

Mimi is the Stevie J's mother figure so he will tend go back to her (hence on and off for 15 years). She nurtures, comforts and encourages him. Mimi is familiar comfort zone to Stevie J. Joseline represents the passion, excitement  and red heat- she is Stevie J's lover. He needs to rekindle this passion back in his relationship with Mimi if it's possible - or more importantly if he wants to.

But also in another way Joseline manipulates Stevie J by acting like a little lost girl. She treats him like a mentor and saver (rescued from the strip club) figure.

 She looks up to him though now she is stepping up. So not only does Stevie find her exciting he also feels responsible for her. It also makes him feel like a hero - a real man.

Put it this way. Mimi is his hold down and comfort zone - always be there. Joseline represents Stevie J's passion, danger and unknown.  Deep inside he also feels responsible because he saved her from a strip club.

He wants Whiny Mimi and Joseline because they balance what he seeks. A lover and a mother figure. In the end, Mimi will probably get Stevie J when the passion and heat burns out with Joseline. But is that what she really wants?


  1. hahah i loved the names you made up! "Whny Mimi" "Sleazy Stevie J" and "Memphis Motormouth K Michelle" is deff the funniest!


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