Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 6: Joseline calls Stevie J a rabbit, Kirk messes up Rasheeda's launch party, Scrappy wants to become a deadbeat dad with child support, Shay and Mama Dee meet, Bezino wines, dines and kisses Karlie; Joseline appologises to Mimi

This contains strong language because Crappy Scrappy annoys me. What a loser!

Joseline and Sleazy Stevie J

Sleazy Stevie J tries to take away/undermine Joseline's confidence at a photoshoot by telling her she looks wrong. Then he tells Joseline to stop threatening Mimi.  “Don’t ever call her a bitch. And stay in your place,”  Stevie J tells Joseline.

Joseline tells him Whiny Mimi is a bitch. They go backwards and forwards arguing. Joseline thinks Stevie J is jealous about her and insecure. Tells him to go back to Mimi.

According the Joseline she is now going out with Stevie J and he doesn't want to tell Mimi. Joseline knows Stevie J wants to control  both she and Mimi so he can sleep with them.

Joseline has a back-up plan and calls Stevie J a Rabbit.

Later on she tells her stylist Queen that Stevie J is her man that he needs to check Mimi not her. It seems Mimi is ringing him at 7am - 8am bitching on the whole about Joseline. So Joseline got angry and sent her a text message - which is understandable. It's seems Stevie J loves humping like a rabbit and tells lies to both Joseline and Mimi so he can keep them in check.

Joseline tells her friends she is moving on as well to secure her career. She is looking for other producers to work with other than Stevie J. Go Joseline is all I can say.

Shady Shay and Mama Dee bitch about Erica.

Shay and Mama Dee have lunch.  Shay knows that Mama Dee is very overprotective and wants to be on her good side. Mama Dee asks Shay what is happening and Shay tells her they taking things a bit slowly because of the sensitive situation. Her relationship with Scrappy has not title as yet - that is undefined until things settle.

 Mama Dee reveals she dislikes Erica Dixon saying she left Crappy sorry I meant Scrappy for dead. Is this hidden warning to Shay about how not to treat Scrappy. Shay wants to know more details about Scrappy's asthma attack. Was Erica at the house or was it by phone? Mama Dee doesn't know the answer.

Mama warns that at some point Erica and Shay will meet and cross paths. She tells Shady Shay to check Erica.

Mimi and Karlie

It is revealed that Whiny Mimi and Karlie were close in LA and they have history. This shows why Karlie looked like she was messy when she was pointing out who Stevie J slept with and Mimi didn't get offended. She was just an old friend pointing out things.  Karlie tells Mimi she is working with Stevie J but keeping out of his and Mimi's business.

Karlie tells her she is hurt about her not telling her about K Michelle. Mimi says she doesn't want to get involved and she thought Karlie knew about how K Michelle felt. Nothing is resolved and they decide to do their own things.

Karlie and K Michelle

Memphis motormouth K Michelle is behaving like a spoilt brat refusing to talk things over with Karlie. Karlie tells her she heard from others K Michelle was kooky and crazy in the head. “That was Memphis, it wasn’t cool to a lot of people. My mama raised me ‘talk sh&t and get hit,’ and that’s how it came,” K.Michelle says.

Karlie tells K Michelle to be classy - she needs to be R&B not gansta. K Michelle disagrees  “Your classy ain’t my classy” then goes on about receipts. 

 K Michelle becomes very insulting about Karlie's bottom/ass and image.

Doormat Kirk messes up Bossy Boots Rasheeda's 'Marry Me' launch party

Kirk throws a launch party for the video premiere of “Marry Me,” which fails. Nobody turns up so it looks like a few people were pulled off the street.

Bossy Boots Rasheeda is upset and embarrassed.  “Why does there always got to be something? Come on man, tighten up,” she says to Kirk.  Doormat Kirk just rolls his eyes and ignores her. To make it worse the the video equipment does not work on the big screen. What a loser situation.

Scrappy Doesn't  Want to Pay Child Support

Crappy Scrappy comes to take his couch from Erica's house. What will his child sit on? The floor I guess. Can you believe this loser?  Erica tells him after all the games, different female and cheating that chapter in her life is closed. Crappy Scrappy says he still loves her if only she can show it. Scrappy is such a fuckwit. When Erica says no he tells Erica to take him off child support. It is rumoured and alleged that Scrappy hasn't be paying child support and is in arrears with the state for not paying . Also it is rumoured and alleged  that his appearance fee from the show will go to Erica to pay for the arrears. 

Erica refuses and tells him when she asked for money he never paid.  “I’m not going to take you off child support because when I’ve asked you to do things for Imani in the past, you haven’t done it.” What a deadbeat dad! He needs to sell his truck so his child can eat. Dead beat dad loser Scrappy.

Benzino wines, dines and kisses Karlie -  scores a touchdown and hits it!

Bezino seems truly taken with Karlie - he even cooked! She was acting all shy and sweet sixteen. Not sure what this is about but it's nice to have some romance in the show where a man is not dogging or cheating on a chick.

They have a bit on conversation and dinner. Then he gives her two gifts - one book and probably some kinky lingerie in the box (just a guess) Apparently it was diamonds in the box - lucky Karlie. They they start to suck face and tongue wrestle ... sorry I meant Benzino and Karlie kiss.

Love bitten Benzino aint no fool when it comes to his homie Sleazy Stevie J

Stevie J swaggers in like a teenager to meet Benzino. He wants to the latest on Karlie. It seems Benzino is smitten and really into Karlie - he calls Karlie smart, motivated and humble (Wow love bitten ). Then Stevie J tells Benzino that Joseline has being calling up and threatening Whiny Mimi.

Benzino knows Stevie J so  he asks Stevie J a simple question - Why is Joseline flipping is he still sleeping with Joseline?  Stevie J confesses he is - from time to time.  He keeps on dipping back into Joselene's honeypot. Benzino is well that's problem - it's those dips. Stevie J is like she had to stop but will he stop sleeping with Joseline? I mean he does have five baby mothers and it's only one Joseline is nasty to.

Stevie J says he will never Whiny Mimi - not for Janet Jackson or even Halle Berry - he might get deter - he means cheat and sleep around but will never leave her. What the wanker Stevie J means is that Mimi will always put up with is cheating.

K Michelle and Rasheeda

Bossy Boots Rasheeda talks about fighting about Kirk and confesses she is going to have a meeting with another management company. But is it really about her career or her marriage? I think Rasheeda is an artist first a wife second.

Mama Erica sees red and tells Erica as it is with Loser Crappy Scrappy

Erica meets with her mother and tells her about Scrappy's mind games and also when he did not get his way he wanted to be taken off child support. She tells her mother that crappy Scrappy - loser-boy  owes her two checks. And when she asked for some money to buy their daughter something he used it as a bait to see Erica. Like if he didn't see Erica he wouldn't give her the money.  What a fucking loser!

  Mama Erica see red and is not having that loser treat her baby girl Erica like that. She tells Erica by choice or force - there is no way that deadbeat Scrappy is coming off child support.

 Erica tells her she wanted him to show her what he could afford and he refused. Mama Erica cut her short - 'He doesn't need to show you anything - he can show the people down town - don't deal with him like that.' I think she means the family court and child support officials. Her mother then tells her  'Don't you have a social worker? Call he is not going off child support - no way.'

Doormat Kirk feels violated by Bossy boots Rasheeda going behind his back.

Kirk seems deluded and doesn't know that Rasheeda needs to grow. He feels violated that she went behind his back. She wants it all on an independent label. He tells her she had no loyalty. Shady.

Doormat Kirk tries to explain to Rasheeda that she can't want all the things she wants on an independent label. The big shoots, large launch parties, massive press and publicity. She needs to go to a major label for all that however the flip side is that they will have more control and see her an investment. She can't have her cake and eat it.

He starts to cry saying he's put his life on line for her for 17 years and now she wants to fire him. Difficult situation when you work with loved one. Whatever.

Joseline apologises to Mimi for her behaviour

Joseline apologies saying she only did it because Whiny Mimi was always calling and bitching her to Stevie J. At first Mimi denies then gets defensive about it.

Mimi says she can call Stevie J when she wants - he is her baby father(so are four other women but I don't see Joseline complaining about them.) Joseline agrees Mimi can ring Stevie J  when she wants but it does not give Mimi the right to call her name or should bitch her to him.

Joseline says Sleazy Stevie J said Mimi was nothing more than his baby mother. She tries to make her see that Stevie J is playing both of them against each other.

Mimi refuses to admit that about Stevie J saying she as known him for fourteen years (means nothing because she only sees what she wants to ). Whiny Mimi tells  and she can treat Joseline the way she wants because she got  pregnant by Stevie J. It's like Joseline stole his sperm or something.  Mimi doesn't seem to know it takes two to have a baby.

Joseline apologise but Whiny Mimi does not accept it. I think I know why - it's because even though Joseline has apologised she did not say she will stop seeing Sleazy Stevie J.


  1. that gift zino gave karlie was diamonds

    1. No way! I'm really impressed. I knew he was taken but diamonds! Lucky Karlie.


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