Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 5: Stevie is cool, Mimi still whining about Stevie J, Erica has trouble with Scrappy and Mama Dee. K Michelle uses Mimi to get to Karlie. K Michelle get loud, drunk and throws a fork at Karlie hitting her on the forehead

It so so crazy and messy I'm not sure what's happening. It should be called the The Stevie J show. I just love hating this man. He is the coolest thing in this show.  Love him or Hate him -  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is the Stevie J show. There is only one Stevie J.  K Michelle's mouth is too reckless and she has a lousy attitude. I'm not sure what her problem is. Bring it on!

Erica and Joseline

Joseline decides to be gracious and apologise to Erica since she acknowledges she was wrong. All dressed up like a stripper off duty she switches her behind to some fancy place where Erica is.

Erica is fully made up looking like a Mimi clone - do they share the same stylist? The make up ages her  and it is really for the evening.  Joseline apologies and says she jumped to conclusion because she thought maybe Crappy Scrappy was fighting Sleazy Stevie J because he's slept with Erica.

 I understand Joseline's point of view because in those kind of fights between men over a woman usually sex is involved. Just shows how crazy Scrappy is. Ya'll know I like Joseline but she was very classy and ladylike in this situation.

Erica is in 'angry black woman' mode and starts to mouth off. Joseline tells her the hand waving was a sign of aggression. Erica still mouths off about nothing in particular. She is so aggressive that I'm with Joseline on this one. However if it was one on one my money would be on Joseline to win.

Ariane and Mimi

Mimi clears her house of Sleazy Stevie's stuff then puts them in boxes. Ariane visits her dressed like a confused hooker. It's like Ariane couldn't make up her mind to be sexy or not so comes out awkward. High heels with tiny shorts and a baggy shirt?

They go through the usual Stevie bitching and bashing - Mimi loves Sleazy Stevie but he can't be faithful. How many episodes will this conversation take - we are already on episode six and Mimi is still whining about Stevie being unfaithful.

The only new thing is Ariane tells us how charismatic Sleazy Stevie J is - (which totally confuses me because I just think he's a slimey sleazeball with many facial expressions) and also how manipulative he is (which I totally agree with.)

Scrappy and his Mama Dee

There is something so Freudian about Scrappy and his mother. I'm thinking Oedipus Complex. Apparently Erica left him for dead while he was having an asthma attack because she had to go work. Those of us who work and have ajob understand the importance of earning money - bills need to get paid.

 It seems the attack was serious because he was taken to hospital. All I can say is Scrappy is a big girl's blouse, still tied to his mother's apron and yet to be weaned on solid food - 'ya feel me'?  He continues to whine about Erica not giving him any affection. Can you believe this loser? This fuckwit Scrappy is supposed to be with Shay. I'm confused.

However we must agree this lazy loser Scrappy does have a point about going the hospital. I've done that for strangers but then maybe Erica works in a job where she had clock in and out. You know the clock counts. Shows me how much of a fucking loser Scrappy is crying like a babay to his mother Mama Dee about Erica. Erica is an accredited medical technician so she would have assessed the situation before leaving.

Why is Erica supporting and  keeping a failed rapper in a lifestyle he can't afford. Erica needs to think seriously about this. She wants Scrappy to be a man yet kind of financially supports him and provides an emotional safety net for him when other chicks dump his sorry loser ass by taking him back!

Mimi and K.Michelle

They go for a mani-pedi because K Michelle needs to catch up on the bitching about Stevie. So Mimi starts whining and bitching about same stuff.  Not sure what K Michelle didn't understand first time around.

Mimi then goes into that Joseline is sending her threatening text messages - I'm like how did Joseline get Mimi's number? But that question isn't asked. Apparently Joseline is sending messages calling Mimi a slut etc.  Not sure I believe her.
Anyway K Michelle and Mimi discuss whose man Sleazy Stevie is. To me I think both Joseline and Mimi are sidelines. Only Mimi is sideline and baby mama. Sleazy Stevie is playing both of them and doesn't really care.

So K Michelle is like Joseline is confused whether she is a man or a woman and should take it up with Jesus not Mimi. I thought what a bitchy comment. It's got to be the bitchiest thing I've heard in a long time.

Now K Michelle brings up Karlie Redd - we now see her real reason for this meeting with Mimi. K Michelle is using Mimi to get at Karlie when she is really angry at Karlie for trying to work with her producer. Confused? So am I. Not really sure what K Michelle wants to do to Karlie Redd other than punch her in the face. K Michelle says she has being disrespected and now wants to set it right.  She calls Karlie a tropical bird - is that an insult? Whatever.

Loser Scrappy and Shay have the conversation and are official.

Shay stops by to clearly give loser Scrappy the affection he is missing from Erica.  Dressed like a girl working he corner she tells him take better care. Scrappy whines about Erica again to Shay who is like whatever.  Then Shay has the talk with Scrappy about where they stand.

 He confirms that it's only the child that links him to Erica and nothing more. Also he will handle Erica. Shay is like okay - I can deal with that we anit a secret are we? Shay comes over  straightforward and honest in this. According to Shay the Erica and Scrappy are done and yesterday news. Shay sorts out the relationship and confirms they are now official as in Scrappy is Shay's man! I'm inclined to think Shay will be better for Scrappy she might motivate and push him to do better.

Karlie meets with Stevie J

She tells him she is with Cash Money and Sleazy Stevie spots an opportunity. Cash Money is huge so if Karlie and Joseline work together it might mean Joseline gets a deal off them. Smart.

He tells her to stop running rubbish about him and she tries to blame others. but Stevie pins her down saying this is about me and you. She agrees to keep her nose of his business then he asks her to sing. An impromptu audition. She sounded really bad.

Joseline walks in and is not happy at seeing Karlie - she gives her a tip - Just be sexy if you can't dance. That's true.

Joseline starts to mouth off and I must hand it to Sleazy Stevie J - he is one cool cat under pressure. He is so calm it's unreal. Joseline throws a tantrum and starts to cry but Stevie tells her it's about business and to put her emotions to the side. I must say I have new respect for the Sleazy now.

But Joseline is no push over and refuses to budge. She asks what about Nicky Minaj. So Stevie asks Joseline to do it because of him. She agrees and turns to Karlie telling her 'I'll do one song with you because I trust him, I'm loyal to him and I respect him'

Karlie and Benzino

Former owner of Source magazine. Benzino asks Karlie out. Not sure why but who care.

Mama Dee and Erica

Mama Dee summons Erica for a talk and accuses her of leaving Scrappy for dead. Apparently Scrappy as so hurt that was the first thing he told his mother. Erica is like he was okay - if you have asthma then you get asthma attacks. However more interesting it seems when Erica miscarried their first child Scrappy left her along.

Erica does the hands again like she is doing tai chi or sign language and tells Mama Dee not to lecture her. Mama Dee is like Erica and Scrappy are over.

Scrappy and Erica

Scrappy accuses Erica from being detached from her emotions. She get heated and an argument starts. She says she works to her their daughter while he spends his money in the club. She is fed up and the hands come out again. She asks him why he always comes back to her. The simple answer is because she takes him back.

She is not the kind of woman Scrappy wants however it seems she is always available. Erica is pretty angry about a lot of things so I think maybe she needs to focus on herself for a while and leave Scrappy behind.

Sleazy Stevie and Mimi

Mimi wearing shoes that no one can drive in dumps off Stevie's stuff.  He is one cool guy under pressure. It's like a comedy. Mimi dumps his boxes off and he comes out and tries to sweet talk her. Mimi gets angrier but Stevie is like I love you. It's so funny.

She is still mouthing off  about Joseline threatening her when at one point he has his hands around her waist for a good few seconds and then triesto kiss her. That's when she brushes him off.  She starts to cry in the car.

Rasheeda, Erica and K Michelle.

If Rasheeda was as close as to Scrappy as Erica says then Rasheed will know Scrappy was seeing Shay. Mama Dee know so enough said. K Michelle asks the vital question is there anyone else. Erica is like no - it's just Scrappy. Ok. Apparently he is unhappy about his life and where he is - she does have a point. She says he needs to stop being emotional and be a man.

K Michelle has a big mouth and loose tongue. She says Mama Dee should have taught Scrappy to be a man and she missed some steps along the way. I agree with her but it's not really her place to say things like that. I can see why K Michelle gets in trouble.

K Michelle, Karlie and Mimi - K Michelle says no receipts and slaps or hurls missile at Karlie

Karlie walks in and immediately K Michelle starts in on her. We can tell she is probably drunk so she lets loose about Karlie's age, deflated ass, sleeping around and not having a wikipea page. Karlie says it's not a good day to hate. What does having no reciepts mean? After all both Karlie and K Michelle  don't have a record deal.

Then Karlie gets angry and shakes the table.

 K Michelle: Don't shake the table otherwise you'd get shook.

  K Michelle is another thrower like Evelyn Lozada. K Michelle in what seems like a slap but wasn't she throws a fork in a napkin at Kalie Redd. It hits Karlie Redd on the forehead and swells. Ouch! Wow! K Michelle has being watching too many Basketball Wives with Evelyn Lozada. The security come quickly to part them. I'm not sure what Karlie did to provoke the slap but really K Michelle that was messy. This is the reason why K Michelle is labelled as difficult and has a bad reputation.