Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 4: Joseline's single, Scrappy rubs Shay down, Erica and Mama Dee push Scrappy to fight even though he's on probation, Stevie J is a loser and take Joseline to the clinic. Scrappy finally puts paws on Stevie J who does a Mike Tyson and bites Scrappy, Mimi still whines about Sleazy Stevie J and Joseline

OMG! This is a show that keeps on popping. I'm confused and not really sure what to think so my review is all over the place. There is way too much happening. I didn't got into whole show but still think Joseline is the most straightforward and honest of them all. They are all so messy.

Joseline Hernandez's single - Bailar

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Mimi, Ariane and K Michelle have a bitchfest

Mimi still whines about Joseline and Stevie J and the other girls make sympathetic noises. I'm not sure about Ariane's business is in Mimi's relationship. She is not a kid - if she still wants to say with Sleazy Loser Jerk Stevie J then let her. She is over thirty.

Mimi starts to dry cry without any tears - over what I'm not sure. She give a rehash of her meeting with Joseline only she makes herself the victim and does not tell them she insulted Joseline as well. I'm not sure if she is Stevie J's main woman from where I'm standing they are both mistresses only one is also a babymama.

Rsaheeda and Kirk: Discuss how to reduce child support.

Boring yawn, yawn. What was meant to be a romantic meal turns out in a meeting on how Kirk can reduce his child support payments to his other children.

 Rasheeda brings up she is tired of paying for all his children. He agrees. Boring.

Scrappy and Mama Dee discuss Shay, Sleazy Stevie J and Erica

With mothers like Mama Dee who needs enemies. Scrappy mouths off about the so-called disrespect to Eric and his Mama Dees tells him 'Make him answer: Check Him'. Seriously?

 I think we can see why Scrappy is a drifter. There must be an adult in the house. Erica is a grown woman but it must be an Atlanta thing were being a Baby Momma is like some kind of honour or a child. Then she asks him about Shay. Mama Dee asks Scrappy if he has had sex with Shay. Well he did the only decent thing - told his mother to mind her own business. But I wonder if the cameras were not there would he have told her? This Shay girl business is not looking good for Erica.

Josline and Sleazy Stevie J: Takes her to clinic then manipulates her again

Joseline is so scared of going back to stripping in a club  loser jerk wanker sleazyball Stevie J has her round his finger.

 Stevie J takes Joseline to the clinic.  Stevie J comes over a loser and a creep. But on the other hand  Joseline could have had a career and child support checks to fall back on. Now it's just dreams of the career.

She asks him some hard questions about whether he loves her or not which he can't answer but later on in his confessional Sleazy Stevie J confesses he loves both Joseline and Mimi.

Stevie J and Friend

This friend tells Sleazy Stevie J he has to learn to be monogamous and all this is taking his focus from business. I don't think that's really the issue. Stevie J  probably needs therapy or counselling as he's being doing this too long.

He says he loves Mimi however as above in the confessional he says he loves them both and just wants to make money.

Scrappy rubs Shay down with lotion

With Erica mouthing off about how happy she and Scrappy are - well she will soon find out about the lovely Miss Shay.   There was a scene with her mother where Erica was saying she was going to marry Scrappy. Well not soon after that we are introduced to Scrappy's best friend and possible lover called Shay.

They have a scene where Scrappy rubs some lotion on Shay.  Not much about Shay but who cares Scrappy likes her and for the record so does Mama Dee.

Shay is pretty calm and cute in her own way. I think she is more level headed and has being friends with Scrappy for a few years now. Anyway it seem she is lined up to be Erica's replacement.

She is not so sure Scrappy should get involved in all Stevie J calling Erica a 'bitch' situation. She thinks it sends mixed signals to Erica. She does have a point.

 It all goes hood: The brawl -  Erica, Stevie J, Joseline and lil Scrappy

Erica takes Lil Scrappy down to the studios where Stevie is. Now what occurs really confuses me. Because Stevie J comes out and apologises to Erica. Simple.

  He says he was out of line and is sorry. But that wasn't enough for Erica or Scrappy. Is it a wonder why some  Black men fill the penitentiaries, prisons and jails with mothers like Mama Dee and girl friends like Erica - not surprised Scrappy is on probation.

What gets me is that even though Scrappy is on probation both Mama Dee and Erica expect him to fight for this fucked up respect.  Erica does not even respect herself but she can sure instigate stuff.

Anyways Erica is like I'm the one you called bitch blah blah blah.  Stevie J appologies then Scrappy comes in about this being his baby mamma. Excuse me for a minute, any one can be a babymomma but she still ain't your wife. Erica starts to front so she slams her bag down on the car behind her in  an attitude.

Scrappy was gaming for a fight - because he went on and on even though Stevie J was appologitic. So Scrappy still unhappy asks Stevie J how many baby mommas he has. He tells him five manybe that was why Joseline decided to go the clinic - that's a lot of child support the Sleazy Stevie J  is paying there.

Anyway Sleazy Stevie who obviously does not like go all hoodrat handles the situation until Miss Joseline decides to step in and asks Erica a question.

Joseline asks Has Erica Slept with Stevie?

 Joseline asks if Erica has slept with Stevie J and then it all kicks off from there. Who knows? Erica may have - it seems Stevie sleeps with anything that had a hole and a heart beat. Unlikely but not impossible. However Joseline does have a point there is far too much aggravation on the part of Scrappy and Erica over something simple.

 It's like Erica has past history with Stevie J because few people go crazy over a stranger but then we know Scrappy and his peoples aren't normal. He is on probation yet loses his rag on camera and is easily manipulated and control by his baby momma and his mother Mama Dee. Deep down Scrappy knows so is trying to make a break - but it seems only those two women (Mama Dee and Erica) will put up with his childish ways.

At some point Stevie J  even tries to bite Scrappy.

The security separated them but it seems Scrappy has real anger management issues because he gets in a rage and starts to kick the wall. I think maybe Erica is not the best woman for him as she seems to incite him rather than calm him down. Between Mama Dee and Erica it's a wonder why Scrappy is not in prison.

Scrappy tells Stevie J to go back to New York.

Then there is a scuffle and a bit of paws laying and no one is sure what happens but there is a lot of screaming and shouting from all Erica and Joseline mostly. There must have been a few things said which were not aired. Anyway it ends badly for all.

Erica, Mimi and girls: Mimi lacks loyalty

They all meet up again and Erica tells them about the fight. Mimi bitches about Joseline behaving like Stevie J's main woman. Well all I can say is that she is more loyal than Mimi.  Whatever is said after a fight like that Mimi comes over disloyal -she lacks any loyalty.

Mimi keeps saying it's over but really? We are only in show four we still have a few more to go. Mimi is too fond of carrying her business outside and now she is breaking bread with a woman who has just come from fighting with her baby daddy Stevie J. Not matter the problems in the house  you don't carry it outside. You keep a united front.  Maybe this is why Mimi had been Loser Stevie J's on and off chick for a long time. Can Stevie J really trust her deep down? Too much foolery in this show.

Stevie J will still go with Mimi but I doubt he'll ever trust her again. This show has exposed her as someone who has no loyalty. And as for Stevie J - he is a loser on many levels. He may be rich and talented but he is sleazy manipulative rat.