Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 3: Love Rat Stevie behaves like a total jerk. Rasheeda is unprofessional and pushes Kirk the doormat around. Karlie gets Messy again. Erica gets sexy for Scrappy with candles and rose petals.

Can it get any worse? I'm just running through some bits of it. Things have started to heat up. I like Joseline becuase she seem the only one who is honest. All the others have some kind of messiness.  Joseline is straightforward. She wants to make the best for herself.

Scrappy and Erica get it down

Erica makes a love nest with some sexy underwear, candles and rose petals. She even gives Scrappy a foot rub. Ewww....Did his feet smell I wonder?

Hmmm.... all I could think was fire hazard. Scrappy seemed to enjoy it but then the atmosphere was spoilt with Erica getting a bit too serious about him moving out.

K Michelle's Showcase: Stevie J Pops off at Erica

K Michelle shows off her pipes and blows that horn but the star of the evening was Love Rat Stevie J.  It starts off with Messy Karlie pointing out some chick that is alleged to have slept with Stevie. So  Mimi gets into a mood and gives Stevie bad looks.

Stevie goes up to Mimi and asks her for a kiss. Mimi lays into him and Stevie goes away. Then the girls start bitching about Stevie J with Erica being the loudest. I don't get it because I'd probably never get into someone's business like that but Erica was pretty vocal to the point Stevie J heard.

There is something about Mimi that invites others to have an opinion about her relationship. If it were me I'd have just given him a quick peck to shut him up because even if it's being an on and off relationship for 15 years she must have known how Stevie J would take it.

Anyway Stevie walks over and like a woman starts to pick on Erica. They get into an argument and he calls her a bitch. I think both Stevie and Erica were wrong however Mimi did nothing. This was her man arguing with another chick at her table. She should have told him to leave it.  They are all messy. Anyway Stevie J  leaves and calls them slut monkeys under his breath but I don't think they heard him. 

Messy Karlie

Not much is know about her but she pointed out another girl who Stevie was sleeping with at K Michelle's show case.  Karlie seems to know everyone's business.


 Ariana and K Michelle

The conversation is about Karlie and how she is trying to steal a producer call B Cock sorry I mean B Cox from K Michelle. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Like with Joseline before K Michelle brings up Karlie's age again.

 K Michelle gets a reality check

K Michelle gets to see some music manager dude called Jeff Robinson.  

Jeff Robinson tells K Michelle she has a bad reputation in the business and no one wants to work with her. She wants a second chance. K Michelle is tired of being the famous unknown person and wants to be recognised for her talent.

  Rasheeda and Kirk: Acts like a drama queen diva on her own time

Boring Rasheeda and Kirk again - they should be dropped. Who really cares about them. She has nice hair and bags under her eyes. I think  Rasheeda has to understand when you are paying your own way in the business without backers and using your own money - you have to be 110% professional. You can not act like a drama queen or diva. Like blogger recently remarked it's not hard to see why Rasheeda does not have a record deal. She is unprofessional, loud-mouthed and hard to work with - with a bad work ethic. If she is behaving like this with her own money you can imagine just how bad she will behave on a record label.

 It's not a record label money you are wasting but yours, Rasheeda. Kirk the doormat is trying to explain this to here. He is tired of mixing business with personal. They don't seem to get the balance right. People talk about Joseline but Rasheeda is so aggressive that I think she is more man than Kirk.

Erica reports Stevie J to Scrappy: Get dez paws on him

Erica tells Scrappy about Stevie J being disrespectful. Scrappy is unhappy. He's heard of Stevie J reputation but this is not on. Obviously she didn't hear the part where Stevie J called her a slut monkey. Ouch!

Scrappy is going to handle the situation in a politically hood correct way. Not sure what that means since he said he has to be careful as he is on probation. But he wants to get his paws on Stevie J for being disrespectful to his babymama.

Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline: Love Triangle

Joseline wakes up to what Stevie J is: a dickhead love rat! But as she says when someone pulls you out from a strip club and gives you a chance and opportunity it's hard not to fall in love with them.

Stevie J told Joseline who was stripping that she had talent and even though he was sleeping with her, he did invest time.

Mimi and Joseline meet up

So Joseline tells Mimi she is pregnant. Mimi starts mouthing off asking Joseline if she is sure Stevie J is the father? And wasn't Joseline a stripper? Mimi doesn't seem to know that being a stripper does not mean that Stevie J is not the father.

Joseline is like whatever, it's still Stevie's J' baby and that Stevie J was with her (Joseline) in the three months that  he wasn't going home to Mimi.  Mimi is still fronting when Joseline says Stevie J is still texting her. Mimi tells her to tell Stevie J to come.

Steve J joins Mimi and Joseline

Has Stevie J's fantasy of a threesome with Mimi and Joseline come true? I think not.  Stevie J arrives and still has Joseline's pregnancy test with him. Mimi is disgusted and walks out. Joseline and Stevie get into argument.

 For some reason drinks are thrown. Joseline tells him not to touch her and security get involved.

Stevie J's power over Joseline and exploits her: is he so desperate to have her - even secretly in love with Joseline?

Stevie J is jerk. Complete wanker. Tosser. Jerk.

He is older, wiser and far more educated than Joseline. Joseline may be streetwise but she no match  for the Stevie J in controlling mind games.   Stevie J can't seem to leave Joceline alone.

He follows her outside and continues being messy. Joseline stands up to him. From what Joseline says it seems he bullys and threatens to send her back to the strip club. It's controlling to you made someone and if they don't behave you'd send them back to the strip club. Stevie J is such a dick. Seriously. That is taking advantage of someone's vulnerabilty and being manipulative.

I wonder if Stevie J is so attracted to Joseline and scared of losing her that he goes and plays mind games like she is a toy.

He tells her, he has papers on her - what papers? Is that like a contract? Joseline tells him she is tired of his messiness and threats. She tells him he is controlling. Stevie J comes over a petty control freak. The kind of person who always throws things back in people's face. He tells Joseline he made her - well Joseline I hope you do a lot better than this Stevie J dickhead. Just make the best use of the opportunity and do something good for yourself.

For some reason it looks like Stevie J can't leave Joseline alone - it's like he really wants her so to keep her he messes with her head. Stevie J is  prized Jerk.