Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight: Fan Fiction and how I could write the next best seller based on Stephenie Meyer and L J James's Trilogy.

This is not about rubbishing or critising  E. L. James's book or comparing it to Twilight.  Well not really but it was fun to write this anyway. Anyway one can only applause  LJ James for acheving such a feat. All the haters should push off.

LJ James source:

I'm wondering whether it is okay to write about fan fiction based on Fifty Shades Of Grey fiction and publish it as that. I haven't read it but waiting till there is a really cheap copy. It seems to be everywhere. I'm a bit concerned that some kids are thinking it's a Twilight version and probably buying it.

I have read a few bits but couldn't help smirking - it's brillant if one just take it for what it is - a good rump-a-pomp or bonk-a-thon. Anyway I digress should I fan fiction it or not? Of course I'll have to do an alternative world, strip out the names Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele when it comes to publication time.

Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer

However I must say not matter what is said about the author E. L. James  whose real name is Erika Leonard - she is talented because not every one can write at length even if given a lead. So even though I take a cynical view she knows how to tell a story


Action Plan for writing Fan Fiction based on Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey

Read all four Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer

This is rather punishing but must be done. I need to get to grips with Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's character.

I know boring insipid characters but if LJ James could persevere and make a few million bucks I think so can I.

Read all  Fifty Shades of Grey and do an outline

 Okay next step I think it is harder than Twilight because there are rude and naughty bits which no good girl should know about. But with money to be made and bills to be paid I soldier on.  So I will read  LJ James's The Fifty Shades of Grey.

Getting into the dirty bits and looking at her characters  Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in depth - these are rather more insipid and shallow than Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's characters.

Develop Characters

Maybe I mean undevelop them. A shallower form. Okay I'll develop another pair of character based of those four Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele. Not sure now to get more lifeless, shallower and wimpy but there must be a way. Maybe I'll do no character development at all and try and wing it.

Get new situation and alternative world

I'll need to think of a new unique situation to put them in. Vampires have gone so had sex and bondage. All taken. I'll have to really think about this one. I also need enough words and shallow conflicts to fill up three books. A sitution that if I'm sucessful my publishers could argue it's an orignal peice of work. That seems a bit hard buit I'm sure something will come. Maybe granny porno?

Look for a fan fiction site

I'll have to find a fan fiction site where I start to write. This is where I get confused - do I look for one based on Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey. What if I can't write any Yummy-Mummy-Porno or erotica? Maybe I should go for Twilight but then my characters will also be based off Fifty shades of Grey's  Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Anyway I'll find a way around it but I think since it may be a bit more dirtier and filthier than Twilight I should go for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Write the novel  and get reviews

Write my novel and putting them in different situations. I'll try my best to get a following. Then when I've got enough reviews I shall delete it from all the fan-fic site and repackage it. First making sure I delete all references to the 'red room' and  Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. That is changing the character names.

Publish on Kindle

Self-publish on Kindle and wait to get picked up by a major publisher and for the hype and cash to roll in.

Final words

I'm sure millions have already started this  but I'm sure there is room for another... it's all about the cash rather than orginal peices of work.