Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 2: Love Rat Stevie J serenades and melts Mimi's heart with alove song! Rasheeda and Kirk - who is boss? Joseline is pregnant for Stevie J. Crappy Lil Scrappy Needs to grow up

One thing I have noticed is that there is less cursing and swearing in this Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Also there seems to be no hitting, slapping or kicking - just drama. It also seems to be boring. I'm not sure why but I think maybe there are too many cast members to follow.

    Ariane meddles in Mimi's business

Ariane and Mimi agree that Stevie is sleeping with Joseline.

Mimi is too old for this conversation she is having with Ariane. Ariane is meddling and telling Mimi she can get any man she wants. This isn't technically true. Telling her she is beautiful - is that before she puts on her makeup and weave or after?

Karlie and Joseline.

No weaves flew, not faces scratched, no sucker punches. These guys were civil to each other. Joseline tells Karlie the relationship with Stevie J is a professional one. Karlie still claims that they kissed. Joseline takes a pop at Karlie's age (she looks like she's in her early forties).

 Joseline is upfront and straight forward.  I'm not sure who is telling the truth here. But has Karlie considered Stevie may not want to work with her after this?

Rasheeda and 'Walk-all-over-me-and-treat-me-like-a-bitch' Kirk :who wears the pants there?

 Rasheeda has huge biceps and her husband Kirk behaves like a female.

People have the nerve to bitch  and say malicious things regarding Joseline's gender and femininity. Well I think Rasheeda looks a lot more masculine and muscular than Joseline. And I'm not even going to get on 'Walk-all-over-me-and-treat-me-like-a-bitch' Kirk's case.

Yes! It's only because Joseline got some kind of ghetto quark comestic sugeron to stick those ballons on her chest. Check this - message to Joseline - get those implants redone to look more natural.  

As for Rasheeda and Kirt, not too sure who is male and female in that relationship. Kirk comes over too weak - like a man who lives off his wife but calls himself her manager.

Seriously how can you talk to your husband like that on camera. Disrespect the brother like he's a bitch or something.  Anyway seem like Kirk has no self respect or there is something else going on there.

 Rasheeda is the man and calls the shots in that relationship. Apart from that they are  so boring! All they talk about is making money and releasing albums. Who cares?

Love Rat Stevie J melts Mimi's heart again

 Stevie tells Mimi he is not sleeping with Joseline. She doesn't believe him.Would you?

 Then Stevie starts to work on Mimi - he is a smooth talker and I see Stevie has Mimi wrapped around his finger. I suddenly saw how easily he gets around her. He has this little boy act he puts on looking all sorry and lost. And Mimi falls for it. He knows how to push her buttons.  Stevie needs to stop trying her because at some point she will say for but for now she can't resist him. She is helpless around him and he knows it. 
Stevie has the moves on Mimi and they both know it.

Erica and Mama Erica

Erica bonds with her mother. Her mom tells her to be beware of looking for perfection and tells her she loves her.  Tells her that Scrappy is a boy and maybe she needs a man.

Stevie serenades and seduces Mimi with a love song on the piano

They meet again for dinner and Mimi gives him a contract to sign for a percentage of his business.  Stevie isn't having it but says he'll think it over. Then he goes to the piano, starts playing and sings to her.  He's got Mimi exactly where he wants her. He knows how to seduce her everything. Not many  women can resist such sweet seduction. You can tell she really loves him.

Must say Stevie J is talented. I just thought he was a 'push buttons and samples' studio producer but he's actually an accomplished pianist as well. The guy is a real musician and like a lot of artists his private life is MESSY.  Talented but still a love rat.

Erica and Crappy Lil Scrappy

 There is not much to say about this.  A grown man with pubic hair on his privates and under arms and over 25 years calls himself Lil Scrappy. Please. Even the name Scrappy is very young then you add Lil - that is toddler land.

Now idiot boy Crappy Lil Scrappy is whining he wants his own space. Can you believe this dude has being living off Erica?  What exactly does he do?

If you called your dog Scrappy it will probably be small dog.  Then  add Little?  Not sure where this relationship is going but I suggest the first thing  for Darryl Kevin Richardson is to change his stage name. As for Erica how can you respect a man you call Scrappy. That's a boy's name. Scraps? Scrappy? I just think Crappy Lil Scrappy Needs to grow up.

Karlie and Mimi

Mimi is soooooooo insecure she allows a woman who she has not seen in ten years to talk about her business. Mimi should have told Karlie it was not concern to her.

 But instead she listens to Karlie and starts to explain. Too many so called friends in Mimi's business. Even if Karlie is right about Joseline and Stevie J - Mimi should tell her not to meddle.

Karlie and Joseline again.

Joseline wearing high platform shoes, and some pants goes to a rough hood looking gym where Karlie is working out. Hmmm... then she begins to shout at Karlie about Stevie J and Mimi.

Karlie calls both Joseline and Mimi a joke. I guess she doesn't respect either Mimi or Joseline but I'm not too sure how this will endear Stevie to work with her.

 As said before Stevie will decide if he wants to work with her or not. Joseline and Mimi don't really have a say. If he wants to work with Karlie or the money is good enough then I guess he will. Simple.

Joseline is pregnant for Love Rat Stevie J

She takes a pregnancy test and goes to see him. Stevie J is all decked out in Gucci. His Gucci cap matches his Gucci shoes!  Could Joseline be expecting a Gucci baby shower?

 Well based on present statistics it could be said Stevie J isn't really into children or being a father. He was with Mimi for 15 years and his daughter is only two. He had probably hoed around a lot but seems to be no babies popping up. Not all men are bothered about kids and Stevie seems to be one of them. Just saying... otherwise Mimi may have had more or at least there will an older child out there.