Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 1: Ratchet Mess Begins With the ATL Hustle.

Not sure how this show will turn out but it seems to start heavy from the word go. I'm writing just a few comments on things that I noticed rather than a full recap or review.

Mimi and Stevie J

It starts with some chick called Mimi who is NOT MARRIED to some producer called Stevie J even though they have been together for 15 years with a child. He wants to buy her and their daughter a house way of town.

Mimi is not feeling the gift and thinks he wants her out of way so he can have fun in Atlanta doing  late night studio sessions - we soon find out why. My advice would be if the house was bought in her name - as in the title and deeds were hers - she should take it.

This woman, Mimi is not serious. She better get some Chrissy Lampkins attitude because she comes over so weak. All this potential her friend Ariane is talking about is just that. Potential- which proves nothing. I'm slightly confused because if this is supposed to be the Chrissy Lampkins and Jimmy Jones of this season there is something sorely missing. This couple, Mimi and Steve J do not have Chrissy and Jimmy's on-screen chemistry or believability. I must say I'm not feeling this couple  at all.

Lil Scrappy and Erica

We come to another chick called Erica who is Lil Scrappy's baby momma. Yada, yada, yada she whines that she took him back when Diamond dumped him for Soulja Boy. Anyway all I can see is that this Erica seems to spend a lot on her appearance and not so much on her home and crib. Her daughter was still using an out-dated computer monitor screen when most people now have flat screens. The kitchen looked very outdated and I'm not too sure if Lil Scrappy is doing that well because they don't seem to have that much in the house.


Beautiful voice but not really sure where she fits into all of this. I love her voice but as I said not too sure as to where the drama is going to be coming from.


 I'm don't agree with Stevie J's vision of Joseline being an international superstar. Then again Joseline is likable - this means I like her - so we have to see. . Not sure why but I think it's her attitude which comes over as someone who is willing to work.  From my point, it just seems Stevie J is a mentor and she admires him a lot but doesn't really know how to express that.

I think the blog rumours stem from part malicious jealousy and the fact she is quite muscular in build but a lot of women are like that.  She was a personal fitness trainer before so it stands to reason.

Joseline is entertaining and outspoken. I'm not sure she is going with Stevie J as I said above but will time will tell. 

And In that Order Mama Dee 

Not really sure about her but she is very funny. I think she is more educated and refined than she is letting on. Yes she can go all ghetto drama queen but I think that's more for the cameras than anything else. She is the voice of reason though not sure about her attacking Erica's emotional display attitude to her son. She really should stay out of it. But then Lil Scrappy needs drops the Lil - he sounds like an overgrown child not a man. 

The Rest 

I missed out the meeting with LA Reid's son and Stevie J. Uninteresting. Only the fact Antonio Reid looks like a taller version of his father La Reid. 

There is a show down at a club when someone reveals that Joseline and Stevie J are a couple to Mimi. Mimi points out Stevie is only Joseline's manager but the woman insists it's more pleasure than business.  At that point Stevie J and Joseline enter the building. Stevie J starts to do some damage control and it all ends horribly.

Mimi tries to call the shots but it seems Joseline is one step ahead of her. I'm not too sure what is going on here.

There is some arguement and Mimi threatens Stevie J. Joseline tells him to get in the car  so they can go the studio and Stevie J does and leaves Mimi standing there.

The only thing I can say is the Joseline is like the creative side of Stevie. Joseline is like the inspiration and musical muse of Stevie J so it will be hard for him to choose Mimi over her. Mimi is his wifey and nurturer but she can't reach that creative side of Stevie. She can't inspire him to create music or tap into his musical potential and maybe that's missing.

Who knows?

It's a ratchet hot Ghetto Mess - looking forward to episode two.