Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 17 The Reunion part two - Finally! Evelyn and Jennifer make up!! Tamia still acting all ratchet with Kesha! Suzie Ketcham loses her temper!

This must be my favourite and best show of Basketball Wives. Yes, I'm so emotional. So I'm starting with the positive first...

 Well Done, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams! Well done! Finally a Result.

I wasn't sure about the lie-detector test and thought they were going to use if for more drama. But it was sooooooooooo positive. I'm happy I watched this mess to the end because no one whats to see such a relationship dissolve to the extent it's splashed over the media and both can't even stay in the same room. It's so ridiculous so I'm happy a mediation was brought about.

Even I cried. Yes, I did - tears filled my eyes - when Ev & Jennifer gave each other a hug. I know, I know I know we all love happy endings.

For the first time, Evelyn was crying true tears not her normal 'drama' tears. Tears were actually raining down her face and so with Jennifer. I must say it was a genuine apology with all her heart as she explained she just exploded.

Jennifer too was crying - real tears these girls wear good makeup. I guess we can understand they were hurt so  I'm happy I saw the show through. 

Not such a big deal because friends get jealous when their friends get a partner and they longer get the attention so I can understand why Jennifer may have felt isolated. Ad Evelyn well we all know the girl has behaving like a jilted lover. 

 Tami Roman & Kesha Nichols still hash it out

Tami is still unrepentant about her behaviour. She said is she sorry about the way she came over but not for dealing with it. Kesha looked like she was sucking lemons through out the show. She laid into Tami but I'm not really sure what was resolved.

 Read Tami's interveiw

Kesha Nichols accuses Suzie Ketcham of snitching and Suzie loses her temper

Kesha accused Suzie of running tales to Tami drawing Suzie into it but Suzie was quick to deny it. She let off in a bunch of curse words. I've never seen Suzie that way!

Read about Suzie's interview here

Royce & Relationships

Not much only pointing out that she has a new lover each season so we'll just have to see how long this 'one' Dezmon Briscoe lasts.  All this woman had to talk about was approval from her father  and ehr relationships. She acts like she is a teenager. She is a grown woman in her thirties with a son!

 Anyway Royce says she is with Dezmon Briscoe for all he does right and not for the one wrong (the twitter baby mamma drama). Well that one wrong of  going chasing his mama baby sort of wipes clean a whole load of rights. But he is a baller so I guess it doen't really matter.

Shaunie O'Neal and Last Word

Shaunie did come heavy on Jennifer regarding the Nia Crooks case but Jennifer was still going to sue. I could see Shaunie's point but Jennifer was adamant.

Then Shaunie and John Salley went into over drive about poeple having too much time on their hands focusing on the negative  parts of the show. Well excuse me, isn't that where all the drama comes from? Isn't that the footage that VH1 and Shed Media choose to show? I think so. And yes I think I do have time on my hands which is why I have time to watch such a trashy show. I didn't have time - I won't be watching.

Shaunie also goes on about people judging them with knowing them and that all they see is what is on TV. Well that's just it.

Anyway she didn't exactly say she wasn't going in the next season five. Anyway It's been a real roller coaster watching the show but now I'm happy I saw it to the end and I'm happy that Evelyn and Jennifer seem to be on friendly terms again.