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Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 16 The Reunion Part One : - Brand Damage Control. Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada give fake performances. Gang Up on Jennifer Williams. Step daughters? Is Evelyn Secretly married to Chad Ochocinco?

The reunion starts off civilised and then descends into a real  mess. It ends up a waste of time because nothing is resolved at the end. Insincere apologies, fake growth statements, fake everything. I'm fed up but I started watching so I'll finish it.  Nothing has really changed here. So much accusations and mud slinging that at one point I'm thinking why not rename the show 'Pick on Jennifer Williams Reunion Show'. I didn't go into detail and this is just what I could come up with. 

Are Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada  Secretly married?

One point I picked up about the bottle throwing incident is that Evelyn mentions she was driving in the car with her STEP DAUGHTERS when they laughed at it and she felt ashamed because she wasn't setting them a good example. At that point I thought are Evelyn and Chad already married? Why would she call his daughters her stepdaughters? Strange...

Shaunie O'Neal doing Damage Control.

Shaunie O'Neal comes out with some Brand damage control. Says the women will portray their intelligence and positive side next season. Really?  Shaunie says there were some positive scenes. Well she could only name two. Her duaghter's birthday and when Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada went to get mammograms. Two scenes. Just two scenes in a season of 15 one hour shows.

 Ghetto Hot Messes Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada talk about growth and responsibility.

Both Tami and Evelyn start off restrained  and it's all about apologies and talk about growth and taking responsibility. The damage control and PR spin.

'I'm not proud of myself' cried both Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada.  It just comes over very insincere but on the surface you'd think it truth if you were meeting them for the first time because they look like graceful sophisticated women - but we know better. It would be hard to believe that one was like a demented creature in Tahiti and the other one was saying stuff foul things and breaking the 'G Code' or 'friendship code' . Tami is sorry for her behavour - don't worry folks, we'll see. It just seems too tame to believe as if they were given some media training and told to be on best behaviour.  Park the ghetto-hoodness at the gate VH1 must have told them.

Evelyn and Jennifer

 Evelyn is starts to mouthing off about break-up. Even with enough time to bring up a good reason for all the fighting she can't. She is still saying it's about respect and Jennifer Williams giving interviews and writing blogs about her.

Also about Nia. The same old reason in the show. Hmmm.. yet it was enough for Evelyn Lozada to break unwritten G Code/Friendship Code regarding Jennifer Williams. To be far Nia - Jen situation doesn't really have anything to do with Evelyn. So I'm not sure why she is bringing that up. Anyway it seems too shallow for someone like Evelyn to be acting like a scorned and jilted lover...

Nia Crooks, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams.

The rubbish continues to rolls. Yawn, yawn, yawn, I'm so tired and over this petty squabble. Can't  Evelyn Lozada see that no one cares? It doesn't matter anyone. It's just another way Evelyn is using to get at Jennifer. But Evelyn Lozada continues to  put out Jennifer's personal business on blast. She is till breaking the friendship code. Jennifer remains silent on Evelyn's business.

Tami Roman and Jennifer

Tami Roman drags up the past and accuses Jennifer of being a bully of on previous seasons. Tami gives  Ashley Walker and Royce Reed as two examples. This is what annoys me about Tami - she can't mind her own business. Tami just shows she is aware of the tactics she uses when bullying others. As for Jennifer well... that's what happens when you leave a group and make yourself holier than thou. You will always get someone throwing mud.

Evelyn and Jennifer Again.and it's now the Gang Up on Jennifer Williams Reunion Show...

It continues with Jennifer and Evelyn.  I'm tired and fed up of it. Mud is thrown... it becomes a bit honest for a while when Jennifer becomes truthful about feeling hurt that Evelyn didn't reach out to her and that she took a step back with the divorce.

Evelyn is also honest about the extent to which Jennifer stayed at Nia Crook's house. It was basically on night when they went out together and it was too late for Jennifer to go home.

At some point I realise this show is pretty much about attacking and ganging up on Jennifer Williams. It's becoming more ridiculous than before. The constant picking and bullying of one person.It gets to the point Jennifer has to defend herself. Gosh, I do shake my head at Evelyn Lozada because I'm not sure what she wants?

Shaunie O'Neal

Says it's all about growth and positivity. She says it's hard to have friendships on reality TV because people have to be so careful how they behave  and what they say so things are not misinterpreted.

The for some reason Jennifer is taken out for a lie-detector test.  This is one mess... a big mess.... At least there is only one more show left after that no more.

Jennifer Williams is better off without such a show... next week it's Kesha Nichols vs Tami Roman.

Here is one of my favourite Youtube bloggers Ashley Miller reviewing the Reunion show. Enjoy. It does contain some profanity at times.


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