Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 10 : The fall of Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada's inferiority complex.

 This show is a 'hot mess' in the words of Tami Roman.

The fall of Jennifer Williams. Jennifer and Nia Drama.

I personally think Jennifer was step up in a round about way. I think someone riled Nia Crooks till the point she got so aggressive that it came to this. Alcohol probably has a lot to do with it. The only people that wins are VH1 because the ratings will go through the roof for the next showing.

This season should be called the demonization and fall of Jennifer Williams. I mean for she served all the cast members with letters threatening litigation however Nia turns up and does the dirty. VH1 and Shed Media are one step ahead of you, Jennifer. I wonder who she offended in the higher ranks. She is painted out to be a snob, shallow and superficial. Flicking and stroking her weave all the times doesn't help.

I don't get the whole drama. Okay, so Jennifer shouldn't have dared Nia Crooks to slap her because that is just issuing a challenge where no one can win. However I'm not so sure where all this drama is coming from. The woman doesn't want to be friends with them anymore. Unless there was something shady or some underlying girl to girl loving going on I'm not sure what the problem is. People do move on.  I'm also not sure why it took Jennifer Williams so long to walk out. Why try and reason with a bunch of  crazy women. As for Evelyn Lozada crying well it was acting and worthy of an Oscar. I mean if someone hits you you should call them what you want. Jennifer just sat there nursing and drinking her red wine while the verbal assaults continuted.

Suzie Ketcham gives a good summary. Eric Williams throws a drink in Jennifer's face, Evelyn Lozada hits her with her clutch bag and now Nia Crooks slaps her on the face. It keeps getting worse. I think it's time Jennifer Williams moves on from the show.

We also can establish that Evelyn Lozada does have an inferiority complex and thinks she is not as good as Jennifer. As for her arguments about Jen well I guess if one gets slapped in the face they will say anything to hurt the other person.

Royce and Dezmon.

Too much babymomma drama. The guy is only 22 with a six month old son. So I think Royce being 30 should know Dezmon still has a way to go before settling down. And will still be into his babymomma. I mean that's the mother of his first son.