Basketball Wives season 4 Episode 15: Ratchet!!! Evelyn breaks 'G Code' and 'Friendship Code' to spill more secrets about Jennifer Williams, Shaunie is scared of how all this mess makes her seem.

Shaunie O'Neal asks Jennifer Williams to address it before Evelyn Lozada gets worse. She even admits there have been a few low and below the belt comments. Secrets are being revealed. Better to talk than address it via Twitter, blogs and magazine interviews. Jennifer agrees and says she will do it in her own time since Evelyn Lozada is a bit of a hot head.

Evelyn Lozada breaks the 'G Code' or 'Friendship Code'

Evelyn goes deeper into Jennifer Williams business with some explicit details really airing some dirty laundry about Jen. Too much details. Evelyn is still acting like a scorned lover. Is there something else behind it all?  A man, Suzie and Vegas. Oh well. Then she seems happy she had revealed the true Jennifer Williams to the world. I still don't get it. She breaks the 'code' and now she is happy. This is not really about Jennifer but Evelyn's loyalty to leave somethings behind. It's about the  unwritten G Code or Friendship Code. What is said in a friendship or group stays there. Not to be put on blast for millions of viewers on TV.

Jennifer delivers a classic line - “We all got skeletons,” Jen says. “Your ass got a whole cemetery. So leave me the hell alone.”

Jamie Foster Brown is brought into the argument as well regarding Jennifer Williams having an interview and talking about Evelyn. Jamie Foster Brown is the publisher of Sister2Sister.

Jennifer is fed up and decides to leave the island with Kenya following in tow.

Evelyn's  product placements and plugs

At the good bye dinner Evelyn uses the opportunity to plug her new make-up line and Tami Roman tells us it is made by the same people who make MAC. And Tami makes a dig about Jennifer Williams lip gloss - Lucid. Not sure why she did that but I guess it's to keep on Evelyn's good side. Still Tami did mention Lucid so it's still technically a plug.

Shaunie talks to her pastor

Shaunie O'Neal who has being getting a lot of flack for all this season decides to address it via scene with her pastor.  She tells the pastor she can't understand why all this conflict can be resolved in a civil way - not quarrels, fights and throwing bottles. Its really ugly.

Shaunie goes to her pastor who tells her what she is thinking. She can't have business meetings without her thinking people think she is a hot ghetto mess.

The pastor advises her she is now in a valley and to come up she may to leave these women behind her. She is scared that people think she is the same. The pastor tells her, it's not about the black women it is about her personal integrity before God, herself, her children and her family. That's what matter. True words.

What next for Basketball Wives? Is there going to be another season? Or is Shaunie going to be still part of the show? Can go two ways...