Basketball Wives season 4 Episode 14: Has Evelyn had lips done? Kenya cheated out of a fight and makes do with an apology. Evelyn accuses Jennifer of cheating and having extramarital affairs.

This is getting really ugly and I'm not sure I'd be watching season five. These are really the things that stood out for me.

 Tami Roman rationalise her behaviour like she has Kesha Nichols just had a civilised disagreement. You wouldn't think this was the woman who was acting deranged like rabies infected dog. She was saying maybe she and Kesha could talk things like adults. Tami just came over crazy and deluded.

Evelyn Lozada was no better regarding her non-relationship with Jennifer Williams. She wants everyone one to see how fake Jen is. The thing is does anyone really care? I think not. She also says Jennifer Williams has no loyalty to anyone - not even her husband Eric.

 I think Evelyn forgets its a play reality show and she is skating on thin ice.  Jennifer Williams does not want to be her friend. Will Evelyn try and understand that.  She is behaving like an obsessed jilted lover.

I'm also curious to know if Evelyn Lozada has had her lips done? They look like trout lips like too much fat has been injected - slightly 'adult industry' effect.

Kenya has to accept an apology for the bottle throwing when she really wants to deal with Evelyn. Evelyn proves to be a coward when she takes Kenya speaking badly to her. She knows she is no match for Kenya.

Jennifer doesn't want to talk to Evelyn and frankly the rest of the viewers are bored. We are pretty much with Jennifer on this one. Evelyn is behaving like a child or jilted lover. Is it so hard to move on? Why is Jennifer Williams so important to her? I don't get the fuss. Evelyn wants to keep it 100 percent. She wants to keep it real but no one really cares. Evelyn should accept Jennifer would not even spit in your direction.  It would be interesting to know why Evelyn is so angry at Jennifer.  It just seems more than a blog. It seems to be escalating with Evelyn taking up every single reason to be angry.  Maybe she doesn't like to be ignored. I'm not sure.

Evelyn breaks the G Code or Friendship Code

Finally, Evelyn hits gutter level when she insults Jennifer implying Jennifer had extra martial affairs during her marriage to Eric. That's ugly and hurtful. It's a  statement affects people wider than this show. I just think that was so unnecessary. Jennifer is currently going through a divorce and even a possible reconciliation. A remark like that can really complicate things. It also implies nothing in the long is safe with Evelyn Lozada.  It's about the unwritten G Code or Friendship Code.  One which Evelyn breaks and brands herself untrustworthy regardless of if those things about Jennifer were true or not. The thing about this show is that it show an ugly side to all these women.

Jennifer Williams must be really popular for Lozada to constantly seek her attention like that all the time.