Basketball Wives season 4 Episode 13: Bully Tami Roman goes ape at Kesha. Does Tami Roman need psychiatric care? Was Tami Roman set up and exploited by VH1 and Shed Media?

This was a crazy episode and the worst. We have two victims here. The  first on camera is Kesha Nichols and then off-camera is Tami Roman - 41 years old.  There is more than anger management with Tami Roman. It's more than bullying it more about drinking and self-control. The childhood trauma looks likes a reason. However as I say many things in normal life things never that far.

Suzie Ketcham -  Suzie Ketcham is one of those people who carry stories and gossip in order to get favour, fit in and get on in life. One day she is going to do something wrong and it will blow in her face. However it depends on the other person what they do with the information. So she's not someone to be trusted but used. So you don't tell Suzie Ketcham things unless you want it passed on. In the fourth season of this show every new cast member should know that now. So in a way you can't fault her because she only carries stories and everyone know that. Right now she comes over of those replusive because of the seriousness of the bully situation.

There was so much that was wrong with this show but it headlined Tami Roman bringing in the ratings.  So VH1 and Shed Media decided it was gold and ran with it. Biggest loser here - Tami Roman. Winners Shed Media & VH1 - ratings and pubicity, Kesha Nichols for being strong and not playing up to stupid, nasty horrible bullies.

Lesson girls is NEVER leave your purse behind.

It was so repugnant, nasty and horrible to watch. Too much liquor, booze and Tami means explosion! Why does she have to drink?
It sends a very bad message to young and impression girls and youth who think it's okay to behave this way.  IT IS WRONG TO BEHAVE THE WAY TAMI ROMAN BEHAVED ON CAMERA. DO NOT COPY HER AS SHE IS A HIGHLY PAID CAST MEMBER OF BASKETBALL WIVES.


Pond life and bottom feeder ghetto hood rat Bully Tami Roman went ape-sh&t at Kesha. Tami was a deranged animal and I wondered what psychiatric unit was missing a patient. Tami  went psychotic and not in a good way. I fear for the poor child... not Kesha I mean Tami.
Tami looked psychotic like someone who forgot to take their medication. Kesha is okay because ya'll know that they have security behind the scenes.

The thing is that everyone there is under contract and paid. So in normal situations someone would have intervened and stopped it before it got that far. You know friends who always want to fight and you have to drag them away from the situation. I think Tami is one of those otherwise by now she would have being in jail. Only thing is Tami has no friends on Basketball Wives. They are all co-workers on a show who are earning a salary.

Tami Roman forgets about filming 

Tami wearing Kesha's sunglasses and going through Kesha's phone

Then Tami had to break the golden rule on camera. The big no no. Go through someones bag and phone. That is invading someones privacy - but it's like Tami forgets about the camera.  She even put on the Kesha's sun glasses. Tami is very stupid and maybe need to seek professional help about drinking.

Was Tami set up by VH1 and ShedMedia?

In a way she was but being a fool at 41 years old Tami Roman did feel for it. She is paid to perform like a psychotic circus freak in need of psychiatric care and she did.

Now by season four the production company and people behind it have some knowledge about how these woman behave. They know that Tami Roman have no self control after taking a few drinks. They also know she takes this so called respect thing - which is really fear seriously. They know that Tami Roman is an ugly violent drunk.

VH1 and Shed Media also know that Tami Roman is in denial about how drinking turns her crazy. She thinks it's okay for her to have the one and two. Tami thinks her behaviour is acceptable and justified. However what Tami fails to see is even though she has know Shaunie O Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham for four seasons since 2010 they are not her friends. They are co-workers with a boss - the company they signed the contract with.

Now from a distance it looks like all cast members are instructed to let drama play out because if it gets serious there are security men behind the cameras to stop it. So in this case it never gets beyonds words.  However if Tami Roman was with friends it would have being stopped.

Tami Roman in the end was the loser. She came over a fool, bully and nasty.  I feel sorry for her because no matter how much you are making you never want to be shown in that way.

After this I doubt she shall be returning for the next season. In the aftermath it appears she has deleted her Twitter Account.