Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 12: Does Tami Ronan need Alcoholics Anonymous? Tami play Jekyll and Hyde with Kesha Nichols.Royce is clingy, needy and childish. Suzie Ketcham is Stupid, Ignorant and Pathetic.

Nothing much writing about apart from Royce who is so childish it's unreal. I see a new side to her now. She is like the rest - an attention 'me me me' seeker but in a different way.  Secondly Tami acts like a circus freak.

Royce Reed is clingy, needy and childish.

 Two words for Royce Reed. HIGH MAINTENANCE! Tantrums, whines and emotional blackmail.

How old is Royce? 3o and a mother too. What a high maintenance. High emotional maintenance - no one will put up with that in the long run. How old is poor Dezmon Briscoe? 22.

Royce Reed acts like a child and is constantly seeking attention only wanting to hear what pleases her. 'Oh I give them all my love' she whines and whines and whines. The little girl act. Royce contradicts herself in so ways. At one point her father is over-protective and she is daddy's girl then next her father doesn't love her for herself and she want him to her a father to her. Confused? So am I.

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Anyway her father is used to her tantrums and drama so ignores her. Dezmons feeling rather gallant runs after her only to get his ear chewed.

She over reacts and never wants to hear the truth. Even Dezmon Briscoe is not sure what Royce wants. Isn't she over seven years older than him? She is suppose to be the mature one.

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Now I see why Dezmon was texting his baby mother on the side. The dude can't do anything right in Royce's eyes. If Dezmon Briscoe is done with her I'd understand why. It's like she sucks all the air out of the relationship and suffocates him.

Tami Roman Bullies Kesha Nichols

It starts with a drinking session as always. Tami can be funny but she can also be a very nasty vile character. Tami  Roman has a Jekyll and Hyde personality especially when drinking alcohol is involved.

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Tami Roman needs  quit anger management and go maybe try Alcoholics Anonymous. Only because it seems when she drunks she changes personality and can't seem to restrain herself.

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 I think she is using her childhood as an excuse for her behaviour.  Lessons should have been learnt from the Jennifer situation. Kesha Nichols does not fight and settle things physically. Tami just came over ugly. She was picking a fight with Kesha all the way to the hotel. It's like she making herself angry for a showdown.

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She gets to a point where she lays into Kesha about what she said. Who cares, Tami? It's a show and once Kesha said it camera it's means to your face. Too silly to even start to understand. Disgraceful behaviour.We are talking about stuff which was way back early in the series for. Too silly to get into.

Anyway Kesha gets her own back by saying she ignored Tami and Tami just looked like a fool. Which is true. A fool and might we add a bully too.

Suzie Ketcham - Stupid. Ignorant. Pathetic.

I'm not sure what Suzie adds to the show but maybe in most groups of females there will be a Suzie Ketcham. I find her very irritating.

I'm not sure what Kenya Belly has done to Suzie Ketcham but Suzie seems to be talking about her a lot behind her back. A lot of nasty and snide remarks.  So not sure the motivation. However it's just her sycophantic and snivelling attitude that irritates me. She can only talk about those she thinks everyone dislikes. I'm not sure if it's the show or VH1 editing but regardless of how much she is making from the show she comes over irritating