Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 11: Is Tami Ronan daughter Lyric Anderson Anorexic? Royce should get a grip? Evelyn trolls on about Jennifer

  It's time Evelyn Lozada moves on or or come clean if there is another story behind beef with Jennifer Williams.

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Nothing much about the show apart from Evelyn Lozada still trying to justifiy her war and beef with Jennifer Williams. It brings out an ugliness and troll-like quality in Lozada.  Evelyn needs to get a grip - it becoming a bit crazy. If there is another reason why she is angry and vengeful at Jennifer then she should be honest. This is becoming way past a blog entry or Nia Crooks. There is too much emotion - it seems to drive her. 
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 If it's only about Nia Crooks and the blog Evelyn needs to get over it and understand that Jennifer Williams doesn't want to hang with out or be friends with her any more. On another note as many people have commented Chad Johnson Ochocinco's baby mothers need to take note. I hope Evelyn Lozada is just acting up for the cameras and isn't that quick to get angry  or keep on at a lost cause. 

Is Tami Roman's daughter Lyric Anderson Anorexic?

In the dance session with Royce Tami Roman's daughter looked so underweight. She looked anorexic. Tami is saying her daughters are athletic maybe Jazz is but Lyric? The girl looks like she will break.
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 There is thin and there is very underweight. It was slightly disturbing to see. She might be sickle cell but even then the child looked like a poster child for the African Famine adverts. Too thin, way too thin - so thin her sister Jazz looked twice her size.

Royce clingy chick loves again

 Royce goes around behaving like she is the only person who has a father. She calls him over-protective well I don't think he is. He is just telling her the truth about all her son seeing her with all those 'uncles'. Also saying it's too quick with Dezmon. Was it just me who noticed it was edited out of sequence.  This scene seems before the father met Dezmon however two weeks in episode 9 the father had already met with Dezmon Briscoe.

She acts like a little girl you wouldn't know has a son at home. She does play up the baby girl image.

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 Royce was a bit of a drama queen holding that little dog just made me cringe while she cried 'Daddy'. 
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I love how Royce justifies her serial relationships by saying I'm a relationship girl - I don't date. Maybe just try and be single for a while.

To be far as her father says she can date - I'm too not sure why she needs to jump in deep - maybe she is just addicted to love and the feeling of being in love - who knows?

Anyway after parading Dezmon Briscoe around she had egg on her face from all his baby mother and other chicks coming out on twitter saying he was also sampling their deserts.

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