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Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 9 : Royce gives Dezmon Briscoe private porno-like show. Jennifer Williams is a snob and hot ass mess and gets slapped by Nia for it!

This are just my ramdon thoughts on the whole mess.

Jennifer Williams up her own behind/ass/rear-end! Jennifer thinks the sun shines out of her ass and her Sh*t smells of roses.

We learn that superstar Jennifer Williams has sent an attorney/lawyer letter to all cast members including Shaunie O'Neal telling them that if she is threatened she will sue. Maybe she was advised to send to all cast members and not just Evelyn. Lawdy Lawdy Lawd. The woman thinks she is a superstar. Is she coming back next season? According to Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer even goes around with security and body guards now.  Anyway lawyer letter or no lawyer letter she stills a wack from 

Nia (Evelyn Lozada's personal assistant and Jennifer William's former friend). Nia and Jennifer Williams where were so close that Jennifer even had keys to Nia's place.

However now no longer friends and I get the feeling that Nia feels used by Jennifer - doesn't everyone? Anyway it all kicks off at the race course and she has a fight with Jennifer. This time Jennifer hits back but also fights dirty by insulting Nia. You hear Kesha behind saying no no no no.

Shaunie O Neal has her hands up and is probably panicking thinking 'Oh no, I hope Jennifer doesn't sue.' Anyway it's a very girly fight. If I was Nia I'd have gone for Jennifer's weave that she is always flicking backwards to flirt with.

 Security finally come to get them away from each other.

Then Jennifer crosses the line! She is such a snob! You don't stay with people and then insult their home. Nia took her in and gave her a place to say when she was going through hard times (emotionally). Jennifer starts to disrespect Nia by saying she has no money that she can't even sue her because Nia only has a two bedroom appartment in Harlem. Snobbery is the worst of it. Sje callls Nia is a raggidy-assed bitch.

 Evelyn jumps in to take off from where Nia left.  Jennifer should know that fighting dirty like that is not cool. You can't insult what people have. Nia doesn't have a rich ex-husband or divorce settlement. Yet Nia took her in when she needed someone. Oh well, misplaced sympathy on Nia part. Next time, send Jennifer back to her daddy that built aeroplanes and drove a porche. Let her family take care of her.

Royce Reed and Dezmon Briscoe do a 'Kris Humphries and  Kim Kardashian'

This Dezmon man looks too young and reserved. I think he is just talking.

 I can see Royce really likes him but there is something not just quite right about the set up. The fact that a man can keep on repeating 'we are deeply in love' does really mean anything. Can't Dezmon Briscoe just say 'I love you' or 'I'm in love with you'. It seems so forced. I think getting a camera pushed his face doesn't make it any easier. Even judging the distance between Dezmon Briscoe and Royce - it's slightly too far apart for anyone to think this is a couple deeply in love. But then people are different.
According to Royce -they are in a committment relationship - well....maybe....

 There seems is no feelings or emotions behind what he is saying and he seems to come over bored. He just seems too reserved, young and immature for her. Even Chad and Evelyn have a chemistry and togetherness that came off screen. The same with Jennifer and her ex Eric. There seems no sparkle between Royce and Dezmon. Maybe Royce is in love with love and only sees what she wants to.  Not sure.

Royce Reed gives Dezmon Briscoe a private porno-like show (but really in public with camera men leering on!)

Dezmon doesn't really propose he is  more like text me your ring size or whatever? Bless so romantic!

What I couldn't believe was the mini porn-flick. There are kids watching this stuff.  She comes over in a bath towel, strips off to reveal her underwear.

Royce is like come and get it.

 Then goes all porno on the couch with her legs spread wide and just a tiny strip of material covering up her vajaja. Remember there is a room full of producers, camera men behind the scenes. This is a private moment!

Time will tell if he is there for the publicity or because he really likes her. I hope it works out.

Tami Roman and Mother

All I can say is that parents show love in different ways and the only way they know how. Blame and anger doesn't really do much to help. Also people are different. It was also a different time when love was about providing for your family so they won't need.

 I think the important thing is to keep a balance in these matters. Love is unique and expressed in different ways.

Also accept people for who they are which is very difficult because we also want them to be what we want. Good Luck.


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