Basketball Wives Profile; Shaunie O'Neal

Not much is known about Shaunie and her personality is very profiled and edited on the show. She is never seen in comprisming sitauations like the other cast.

Shaunie O Neal Source VH1

Natural beauty and soft spoken however can be a instigator but comes over innocent and clean.  Her friends on the show are more aquintances she made over a period. She is an instigator in that it's business before pleasure however can blame most flamable situations that it's a group production company decision rather than just hers.

Very intelligent and on the show comes over quietly confident and in control. However she is not above the odd snide or bitchy remark. She may be loud, brash and outspoken behind the cameras but infront she is nice and caring - almost too perfect.

In brief moments you can see her disbelief at the actions and probably thinking 'why am I doing this?' The situation with nearly getting hit by the bottle showed her shock and underneath it she was shaken up.

Strengths - shrewd and savvy business woman who exploits her 'soft and caring' image to bring fame-hungry women for a show. Can maniplulate others in a 'nice' way - for example knowing Evelyn Lozada will flame up like that -but Shaunie will still shrug it off and comes over blames. She uses the production company and that fact the women are adults as a defense for her part in planting drama.  I'm sure it's not first time Evelyn has reacted like this however it was usually in private not in public.

Excellent at creating a sympathic image of herself on the show but it comes over too clean at time - however she is likeable and sweet.

She know the difference and draws the line in business, pleasure and friendships. Over all is a ruthless business woman - which is what you need to be to succeed.

Weakness - she needs to evolve beyond this Dramality of Basketball wives and look for other more postive formats otherwise this will be all she does. Probably expand to other media - which she and her company will be probably trying to pitch.