Basketball Wives Profile: Evelyn Lozada

These are a series of thoughts I have about each personality and character as the show goes on. This is purely based on the show

Evelyn Lozada source VH1

Sexy, brash and outspoken - tough woman. Likes to speak her mind but some times can be overwhelmed with situations and come over shy. Seems underneath all fire and anger is someone who just wants to be recognised in her own terms. Gets by on her personality and making the best of her looks. Not a natural beauty but knows how to behave and carry herself like on.

Weakness - anger and brashness may hide an inferiority complex about her place with the other women. She also comes over vulnerable at times and slightly confused.

Strengths - Evelyn is a fighter and knows how to move quickly in situations. Does not back away from battles. Will exploits situations for what she can get and will think about consequences latter. Even if she knows something is likely to blow up in her face she will still go ahead if it reaps short-term benefits. Risk taker and a good game player. Values loyalty and honesty but sometimes misjudges situation and relationships. Can be honest and is open about her past (this can be seen as a weakness too).

Fears - things won't work out as she might think they would long-term - but that's all of us. She is building for herself and her daughter - her best and most prized acheivement. Providing her child is something Evelyn takes seriously.

Ultimately doing this because she wants better for herself and daughter.

Dress Sense

Tarty and sexy. Loves to to show her body.