Love And Hip Hop Atlanta The Cast members. Sleazy Steve, Whiny Mimi, Boy-man Scrappy, Erica, Crazy Mama Dee, Ariane etc

Welcome the newest hottest ghetto mess on TV. This does contain swear and curse words. I intend to update it as soon as more is know of different cast members. Right now the story is focused on Sleazy Stevie J, boy man Scrappy, Erica and Whiney Mimi.

This is based on how each person's character is protrayed on the show and not their real lives. After all it is entertainment at the end of the day so not be taken seriously.

Sleazy Stevie J (aka Steven Jordan)

Stevie J is one cool cat under pressure. This guy is can keep calm, cool and collected under an earthquake or hurraicane. Nothing seems to faze him when it comes to women. He puts up all the Joseline and Mimi drama, tears and tantrums as if it's woman.  I reluntantly respect Sleazy Stevie's skills when it comes to keeping his chicks hanging on.

Slime. Loser. Wanker. Jerk. Dick. Prime  Sleazy Ball. Sleazy Stevie J  is a 'has been' Grammy-awarded producer better known for the size of his penis or cock or dick or raw sausage meat. He is trying to get a next break with Joseline. Know for screwing or raw dogging  anything that moves with a two titties, a hole and heartbeat.  Loser Sleazyball Stevie J is a talented musician but hardly gets time to make any music because he is too busy either trying to smooth talk women or zipping up his pants after sexual encounters.

He is a slick and smooth talking operator but he is really a loser who has a wide range of  expressions, gestures and mannerisms that makes he look like he's on medication.

He also like to do mind fucks and is very manipulative. Had five baby mommas on the last count - the possible sixth - Joseline didn't make it. Music and sex is what Sleazy Stevie is about. But mostly sex.

Boy-man Lil (Crappy) Scrappy

Another loser and jobless rapper. Scrappy is 28 going on 12. He acts like a real fool and mama's boy.  Never grown up and still caught up in the boy-man development stage. Slightly weak and thinks that the way to be a man is too fight for his babymomma and women.  He is manipulated and controlled by his mother (Mama Dee) and girl friend (not forget her title babymomma) Erica Dixon.

Deep down he seems to know Erica isn't good for him because he hasn't really grown under her (men do well under progressive women - even lazy men). He whines to his mother about Erica's controlling ways and lack of affection. 

Thank goodness for his music/rapping career otherwise not hard to see Scrappy may have been another government statistic serving time in jail.

While his baby momma Erica is loving the fact her man is fighting for her honour (yep) Scrappy is rubbing lotion over another chick's butt.

Not sure what Scrappy wants out of love and Hip Hop because he is yet to spit to the mic and showcase his talent. Maybe he wants to be a fighter. 

Whiny Mimi Faust

 Mimi is a professional victim and the main sideline of Sleazy Stevie J and possible baby mamma number five. She has known the jerk Stevie J for about 15 years so not sure if she was his sidelined during the time he was in his other relationships with Eve and Alex (Whoopi Goldberg's daughter) but who cares. Now she has been promoted to main sideline chick - I say this because Sleazy Stevie's main occupation is screwing around.

Mimi loves to whine and complain about Sleazy Stevie J to anyone who listens to her. She has loyalty issues in that she washes her dirty laundry in public and because after the main Sleazy Stevie brawl with Scrappy she still sits down and discusses with Erica. Mimi is portrayed as a weak and spineless woman in this situation. She needs to understand that Stevie loves having sex with women.


Mimi's best friend or the only one who will come on the show. Has Sleazy Stevie tried to have sex with her? That is a question we would like to know. She interferes too much and loves to tell Mimi how beautiful she is and what a loser Stevie J is.
 Not sure what she is getting out of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

 Joseline H

The possible breakout star. Whatever you think of Jojo Joseline - love her or love to hate her she is great. She is the least complicated and most honest and straightforward person in the show. You instantly know what she is about.
All Joseline wants to do is make it as somebody in her own right. And she isn't afraid to admit it. Yes she does put herself in certain unsavoury situation but we can understand that.

She is easily manipulated and controlled by Sleazy Stevie the Loser who uses mind games to get what he wants from her.

Joseline thinks she is in control but sometimes admits she isn't. Her worst fear is going back to where she came from however she didn't what to be Sleazy Stevie's baby mama number six.

Loser Jerk Sleazy Stevie J holds the strip club over Joseline and fucks with her mind. He also uses their attraction as a weapon to make her do what he wants too. What a jerk, we just hope Joseline makes something out of all the exposure.

Erica Dixon

All bow down to Her Royal Scrappy Babymomma-ness. It is a title that makes grown boy-man Scrappy forget his probation and gets brawling with Sleazy Stevie J.

She sees a very angry young woman who flares up and angry and defensive when criticised. She love doing the hands in face thing.

She claims he is the one and she loves him. Probably in a hood kind of way. Her main control over Scrappy is that she took him back when Diamond dumped him and now he has to pay her back for it even chance he gets.

She comes over manipulative and controlling in a convert/hidden way. For example though he's under probation she encourages (with hisown mother - Mama Dee) to get into an altercation with Stevie J forgetting this may affect terms of his probation and get his license revoked because any brawl that will take place will be in front of cameras and millions of viewers. Stupid, selfish or what?

Scrappy knows there is something wrong with his relationship Erica but not sure what so he moves out to the rub lotion on another chick's butt.  However he does whine to Mama Dee about in an convert way how Erica can be controlling.  He makes his bid for freedom but the question to ask is what exactly does Erica want from the show?

Crazy Mama Dee (aka Scrappy's mother)

This woman is as crazy as they come without certification or stray-jackets.  She is a self-proclaimed pimp and husler but also the black momma from hell. And behind most men in jail there is a mother like Momma Dee behind them. Let's just hope she plays for the camera & show, and is not like that in real life.

Her suffocating and over protective love for Scrappy has never allowed him to take responsibility and become a grown man. Mama Dee is all in Scrappy's business  to the point she asks in a show if Scrappy has had sex with Shay. She also orders him to deal with Sleazy Stevie J for the family loyalty and respect even though the Scrappy is on probation and this may break the terms.

She loves to lecture Erica on how to treat Scrappy. Is this a three way relationship?

 Boring Bossy Boots Rasheeda

Supposed star of the show but in reality a drag.Typical drama queen  and loves to kick her husband's ass around. Rasheeda has grand career plans and champagne dreams on beer money.  All she does is nag, nag and nag. And then some more nagging.

Pretty but with a butch bold and built like a brick sh&t house and has more bulging muscles than her man. Seems deluded by ideas of grandeur and her so called star status. Expects to be treated like a queen on a independant budget - more disturbing when you find she is actually backing herself.

 The problem is that she is boring. Her story is boring. Her man is boring.  Yes she and sidekick Kirk are as boring as sagnant water.

 Doorman 'I'm violated' Kirk

Kirk is simply Rasheeda's bitch ops I mean husband and manager.  The manager bit simply means professional dormat and slave to Rasheeda.

 He is protrayed as a hen pecked and pussy whipped husband.   He is quite intelligent when Rasheed allows him to speak but that's rare.  He is afraid that his business relationship as a manager is getting in the way of his  personal life as a husband. I guess you needed a PhD to figure that out. He does have a nice body though...

Messy Karlie Redd

Nearer Mama Dee's age nothing much is know about Karlie other than she keeps on pointing out chicks Sleazy Stevie has slept with.

Is Karlie his pimp? Does she procure or pick up chicks for Sleazy Stevie J that she knows all this stuff? Anyway it seems all the girls love to point out her age.

Memphis Motormouth K Michelle

Her catch phrase is 'I'm from Memphis'.  She is a known drama queen and prima donna but has said she had learnt her lesson. A 'never has been' singer who wants to get back into the industry.   K Michelle is very reckless with her mouth and her behavour. She says things about situations that don't really concern her. She also seems to change into a monster after a few drinks and has the most reckless and bitchiest mouth I have come to hear. Apparently she has a bad reputation from her pervious record deal. She can sing but then so can most people who have been signed to Jive Records in the past.

She accuses her ex label executive strangely called Memphitz of beating her up (when they were in a relationship) and using her record budget to buy his current wife Toya Wright (lil Wanye's ex)her engagement ring. There is no reason for her to lie about the assault however it's fast gaining momentum on Twitter and blogsphere where most people are taking sides.

As an artist K Michelle thrives and seems to draw her inspiration from hurt, pain and anger which gives her music an authentic edge. Just like Beyonce sings about independant women, Rihanna sings about freedom and doing what she wants - K Michelle like Mary J Blige and Kesha Cole sings about pain, problems and man drama.

This drama with Memphitz and Toya Wright seems to be surviving it's purpose in keeping K Michelle inspired for songwriting. I think as soon as KMichelle moves on creatively as a songwriter she will drop this stuff but now like it or not - it's her story, her muse, her inspiration.