Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 7: Mimi and Stevie J go for Counseling, Benzino show Karlie he is still relevant; KMichelle makes Mimi's pain into music, Scrappy plays pool with Shay, KMicehelle goes dating and the rest of the show goes on....

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 6: Joseline calls Stevie J a rabbit, Kirk messes up Rasheeda's launch party, Scrappy wants to become a deadbeat dad with child support, Shay and Mama Dee meet, Bezino wines, dines and kisses Karlie; Joseline appologises to Mimi

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 5: Stevie is cool, Mimi still whining about Stevie J, Erica has trouble with Scrappy and Mama Dee. K Michelle uses Mimi to get to Karlie. K Michelle get loud, drunk and throws a fork at Karlie hitting her on the forehead