Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 4: Inner ugliness reigns over outer beauty Evelyn Lozada and Tami get real with Kesha.

Tami Roman is spitting mad over this episode and how she was protrayed so please take time out to read her side on her blog. I'm not changing my blog post but Tami deserves atttention to address the issues of how she has being made to look. She calls Jennifer Williams fake and Kesha Nichols a liar and manipulator. So worth reading it to get a good glimpse behind the scenes.  This give her full open letter to the fellow castmembers.  This is the VH1 official blog. 

This show has a lot of negative energy in it and the women came off pathetic, the only exception was Kesha Nichols who was dignified - this does not make her innocent - she just sharpens her claws in a different way (she too has her own issues). I didn't want to write about it but decided to because it was something I've started.

This episode somewhat killed my passion and showing a different and ugly side to the show. I know it is scripted to some extent and edited to show the women in certain way but this time it was even too much for me.

There was too much negativity that I'm inclined to agree with Jennifer Williams about not inviting them her makeup launch. They will just bitch, bitch, and maybe fight at some point. 

 Kesha invited the women to an event and read them the riot act about behaving to which they all took offence by staying sober. She also confided in Evelyn Lozada over things Tami has said about her. Kesha did cross the line by telling the women about staying sober. They are grown ups but if she was so worried about it she shouldn't have invited them. However she proved her point  because instead like grown women - (Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn) ignoring it they proved her point by acting childish and sulking in a corner. Even I could feel the 'Debbie Down' vibes and atmosphere raditating from the TV. All are too blame. Kesha for telling them and the women for their behavour.

This episode was a poor show in every way and seemed just dedicated to bullying a cast member Kesha Nichols. Inner ugliness took over the physical outer beauty. It was plain nasty and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway in a dinner Tami Roman picked on Kesha Nichols. Tami Roman wraps her jealousy and anger under the label 'outspoken and speaking her mind'. Yes, we all know those types who mask intimidation and bully under being real.  Basketball Wives allows her to make money under this mask. However she is just so negativity and really not the type of person most people will chose to be around. We may watch her on TV, laugh and agree with her. But be her friend - heck, no!

 Tami Roman is protrayed as a bully with an anger problem - this is partly true and partly VH1 editing and portrayal. I can only say portrayed because the show is edited that way. Her behaviour is simply ugly and unacceptable.  It spoils her natural beauty to act that way. I'm not sure what she will do after Basketball wives should it every get cancelled.

Tami's new BFF (even though she was called the non-mutha-f$£king factor in a previous season)  Evelyn Lozada also seemed different. It's funny how people's behaviour can affect their looks because I realise Evelyn Lozada's beauty was all due to makeup. She is a painted doll - there is no natural pleasantness or beauty like Tami or Shaunie or Kenya or Kesha. Her facial features are all rough and out of proportion. I guess thank goodness for MAC and a fake pair of breast implants.

Suzie Ketcham also comes over irrelevant and is portrayed as a person that spreads poisonous gossip.

For the first time in the show the women's behaviour made them all very ugly, unlikable and negativity. Extremely ugly. I guess it's very sad that if they are not fighting, bitching or spreading malicious gossip about each other they are just women living boring lives. I guess that's why they need all the drama.

I don't really know the answer but it was just too much.

News Flash
In her defense, Tami Roman writes in her blog "The editors have done a wonderful job of putting my outbursts on the show but not showing the full chain of events. My outbursts are real, but they are also driven by something which is conveniently being edited out when it comes to Keisha. Wish I had an executive producer in my pocket…I’m just saying..."

On a positive note - shout out the Bougie/Booji Princess Jennifer Williams getting out her make-up and marketing it to retailers. That is huge. So all the best.

Also surprise, surprise Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson Ochocinco are rumoured to be getting their own show - I think that was on the cards for a long time.