Basket Ball Wives Season 4, Episode 2: Kenya Bell getting down and dirty in homemade music videos, Suzie Ketcham and Bougie Princess Jennifer Williams keep on bitching, Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada chat about threesomes, marriage and monogamy

Basket Ball Wives still isn't making sense. I'm not sure who is who or who is doing what but I'll go over the most interesting bits.

OMG!!!! Chad Ochocinco Johnson admits "I am still work in progress..."

Previously on Basketball Wives: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada start beefing and the rest of the NBA former bottom feeders or pond life start drama!

Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada

Seems Chad Ochocinco has changed his name back to Chad Johnson - whatever we will just call him Ochocinco Johnson! Anyway Anyway Evelyn Lozada flies down to  Miami to confront Chad Ochocinco Johnson about all his cheating rumours. It seems he has being sowing his wild oats and sleeping around.

Chad and Evelyn locking lips
but Chad Ochocinco Johnson was honest in these scenes - I feel the man should have a show of his own. Chad Ochocinco Johnson also doesn't commit to make  promises he can't keep. I'm not sure Chad Ochocinco Johnson is really ready to settle down or - maybe he has been hasn't being blown along with the huge set-up of the show, Evelyn Lozada and everything else. Maybe Chad Ochocinco Johnson is thinking this will be good for his post-baller carreer - the clock is ticking ticketing on his career as an athlete.

Well Chad Ochocinco Johnson doesn't seem too concerned about her issues - I guess he feels if Evelyn Lozada goes another chick will soon take her place. He is very honest -too honest to make me think he isn't ready for this big step. The hot lust still stirring up his blood and male member.

Evelyn Lozada complains about him cheating on her. Give it to Chad, the man does not deny it. He is like when we meet I told you I was a work in progress.  I'm still working on being the man your ass wants me to be. I think Chad means monogamy and being faithful but the concept is so foreign and alien to him that it's like E is forcing him to change. Football planet where he inhabits must be a different place.

She is like yes, that was before but now with the engagement things need to stop. I'm not saying you need to live in a box but you need to live in a box. Hmmm...

Chad Ochocinco Johnson is like I'm still a work in progress and sometimes has mishaps. Is that mishaps another word for one-night stand, casual sex?

Evelyn Lozada tells Chad he needs to tighten up.

Okay more banter then Evelyn Lozada starts to cry. Chad Ochocinco Johnson  is like you are tearing up? Why are you tearing up? Don't you start that.

Evelyn Lozada goes boo hoo hoo hoo, wipes a tear and whines - everyone wants us to fail. I see Chad Ochocinco Johnson isn't really taking all this seriously.  I think  Chad Ochocinco Johnson loves Evelyn Lozada  but not sure if he is in-love with her other lil Chad would not be a work in progress.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson then lays it on the line. He has never committed  to one individual over a long length of time (cue - he didn't say forever)- this  is new to him. He's never done it. Hmm.... interesting. Chad Ochocinco Johnson is very honest again but still not sure if he is ready.

So Evelyn Lozada forces his hand. Tells him she would rather know then be kept in the dark. Chad Ochocinco Johnson is unsure but finally comes out with the threesome idea. If they go out sometime can he bring someone home?

OMG! The man practically stated he wanted to do threesomes. Chad Ochocinco Johnson calls himself a work in progress - that being faithful is new to him. This doesn't sound very good for start for marriage.

Evelyn Lozada doesn't give a direct answer.

So Chad Ochocinco Johnson concludes a lot of men have tried to discpline themselves keeping to one woman and have failed trying.

Whoa - with all the magazine deals and rights, I sure the wedding will go ahead however both these Chad Ochocinco Johnson and  Evelyn Lozada live in Celebrity Ville so it doesn't really need to last.
Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada hold court over Jennifer  Williams

The show opens with Basketball Wives A-Lister cast: Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman hanging out or holding court. I call it a bitchfest. Get more than one Basket ball Wives cast member  in a room and it becomes time for major bitching about other people. Or a girly fight depending on who.

The big topic is  Jennifer Williams and what she did to Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn Lozada is like Jennifer Williams should have just apologised. Cue Shaunie O'Neal  is like some people - I think she means Jennifer Williams can't take responsibility  but Tami Roman is shaking her head and not having it at all.

Tami Roman is like  Jennifer Williams she may have been defensive though she reckons Jennifer should have been punched (how old is Tami?) and I thought Chrissy Lampkins form Love and Hip Hop series 1 and 2 was a bit hot tempered.

Evelyn Lozada implies Jennifer Williams is now a diva full of own self importance. Jennifer Williams is so booji/bougie and at some point people will have to spray perfume in the room before she enters a room. A bit of red carpet treatment, eh?

Suzie Ketcham and Bougie Princess Jennifer Williams

Straight after the Basket Ball Wives A-Listers we get the C-List Basketball Wives cast member Suzie Ketcham and the recently demoted A-Lister Jennifer Williams who is now flowing in the C-Lister region with Suzie. They meet up in a manicure bar to discuss the situation while having a mani-pedi session.

I am taken aback from Jennifer Williams choice of pink lipstick which matches the tissue paper behind.

Now former A-Lister  Jennifer 'No-friends-Jenny' Williams is now scrapping off the Basketball Wives floor hanging out with Suzie Ketcham. She bitches about not understanding all this fuss about a blog. Who cares?

 Suzie Ketcham agrees. She too doesn't understand why Evelyn Lozada is mad.  But we all know Suzie Ketcham knows her worth. She goes with the flow and once she thinks someone has more power than her on the show she agrees with them. She changes opinions like she change panties. Whatever. Who cares?

Jennifer Williams is still justifying her thing - keeps on talking about high school and vaginas. Yes Jennifer Williams said she was  all about taking care of her own vajaja. She wants to be respected  and no drama - maybe she should have thought about that before her ex Eric Williams threw a drink in her face on national TV - still she got rid of him.

There is no real conclusion to this mani-pedi session. 

These two women miss the point. 

 It's fairly simple, Bougie Princess Jennifer Williams and Botoxed Suzie Ketcham - don't talk rubbish about a so-called friend in public unless it's complimentary otherwise it's just gossipping or bitching. Period.

Royce Reed and her Publicist.

This is boring and I'm yawning all through out. Her publicist is about five times her size and Royce Reed (is that a real name or her dancing name as in Rolls Royce the car?) is full of fake modesty and humbleness.

The Publicist fills in the gaps by telling Royce how super talented she is and how she has got her an audition - whatever. Boring.

Then we see Royce going for an audition in what I thought was quite strange clothes... use your imagination. Her reading was okay -  not bad not good Still boring.

Evenlyn Lozada and family

It's all wedding talk which is pretty boring however isn't strange like how Love and Hip Hop Emily B looks like Evenlyn's sister and mom. Is Emily Bustamaine Evelyn Lozada's long lost sister? the mind boggles.

Emily B far left, Evelyn Lozada's sister (middle) and mother (right)

Wedding talk is boring unless you are actually involved so we will skip this one.

Suzie Ketcham and Jennifer Williams

Yet another senseless and boring conversation or should I say bitching session. This time it's about Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell. Jennifer denys she is a Bougie Princess. Too goes into the protest but who really cares?

Jennifer Williams and Suzie Ketcham  google Kenya Bell to find her getting down and dirty in  some homemade music video. Very immature comments are made  by Suzie Ketcham who appears Botoxed up to her eyeballs and can hardly talk and Jennifer Williams whose ex threw a publicly drink in her face.  Like they can judge another after all their career drama.

Kenya Bell's drama and delusions on hitting the big time

It is times like this one respects Love and Hip Hop's Olivia and Somaya publicists for getting them on the right show. At least it was about music. Kenya Bell is on the wrong show. She can't even network behind the scenes - even Erica Mena's publicist managed to get her air time on Love and Hip Hop even if it was for free.

Basketball Wives is not the correct medium to launch a music career no matter how mediocre that career may be. Kenya Bell will just be ripped apart and made to look like a fool without any returns. The show is about a certain lifestyle - give that to Love and Hop Hip all people where involved in the music scene in some way. Preaching over.
Amanda club owner

It's all boring stuff but I found the owner Amanda of a non-descript club in New York to be aggressive, she came just to give her club some free air time and publicity. There seemed was no intention from the outset of allowing Kenya Bell to film.

 Then again Kenya could not answer basic questions about her project - the budget, costumes/wardrobe, makeup, story board or theme. She is not serious - however Nichols could have been more tactfully and not so mean (this was the gym scene). Whatever, Kenya Bell did she put some effort into it.

Final Bitching session for Suzie Ketcham and Evelyn.

 Not sure what's happening here but Suzie tells E about Kenya Bell's video and Kesha Nichols seems uptight about sex.

Evelyn Lozada is like probably that's why Kesha Nichols was jilted  and left standing at the altar by San Antonio's Richard Jefferson because she wasn't giving it out. Meow! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

I think there is nothing more to be said.

Next on Basketball Wives: Suzie talks dirty, Tami seeks therapy, Kenya is just a hot mess and we learn 'apple pie face' 


Previously on Basketball Wives: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada start beefing and the rest of the NBA former bottom feeders or pond life start drama!