Basketball Wives season 4 episode 1: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada start beefing and the rest of the NBA former bottom feeders or pond life start drama!

No real wives in this show -  it is more about  Basketball divorced (Shaunie O'Neal, Jennifer Williams, Tami Roman, Kenya Bell) , baby mamas (Royce Reed, Suzie Ketcham) , ex-fiancees  (Evelyn Lozada, Kesha Nichols) and jump offs.  Still to give these girls a break they are all business women trying to build a brand around their names - that is apart from Jennifer Williams who need to have tighter control over what is said in her name and not blame her publicist.

Burning questions 

What is it with hoop ear-rings and these women?
 And why does Jennifer Williams look two shades lighter in pictures than on the show?
Why are most of chicks into luxury real estate? Is this the only profession open to ex-baller chicks?
Are this girls the pond life or bottom feeders  of the NBA chicks?

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My start

With love and hip hop, I could identify with Chrissy Lampkin apart from her bad temper. I could empathise with Olivia's struggle though I thought her arrogant. I mean who hasn't gone job hunting only to be rejected and rejected even thought you knew you could the job. Olivia is a singer/songwriter but even if you worked in Walmart, store, banks, offices, local councils or factories. If you ever were looking for work you could sympathise.  Then there was Emily who just wanted her man to claim her and be monogamous. Kimbella was sweet, Erica Mena a hot head - we know of someone like that and Somaya who was very ambitious. These girls were at the heart of it - just able to connect with their stories - hate em or love em.

Basketball wives is about chicks making money and careers off  basketball players they married, dated or even just a one night blow job in some club corner. However they managed to get the ballers - not cheap broke-ass rappers or entertainers  so these girls hit the serious jackpot. We are all curious because we think there is nothing to them apart from clothes, parties and make-up and in a way we are right. The show is so about high school antics. The cliques, the groups and the feuds. And who doesn't love other people's drama? Well I do which is why I am glued!

The wedding

Chad Ocho Cinco has changed his name back to Chad Johnson it seems. Anyway the show kicks off with  Evelyn Lozada and her wedding planner discussing the nuptials. She says she doesn't want any bridesmaids as everyone has been negative and she just want to be positive. Okay, i understand that but as it's a restaurant and there is no glass being broken or girls fighting. I get bored easily and go make myself a sandwich.

New Chicks Kenya Bell (another divorcee)and Kesha Nichols (another dancer)

We are introduced to two new chicks one called Kenya and another called Keshia. I think Keshia is a dancer like Royce with her own dance company and she alleged jilted some baller by email on the day of the wedding. Ouch! It seems okay but that jilting  quailfies  her to be on the show. She talks about the so called feud between dancers and wives. Then there is Kenya - another orginal name and she is in the middle of a divorce from another baller called Bell.

Nothing really significant apart from Botox Suzie Ketcham who can hardly talk from all that stuff pumped into her face and sounds like Cher says that Keshia reminds her of a hilly billy hick. I thought that was pretty mean.  Still boring, yawn, yawn. Oh and Royce is still dressing oddly.  Royce Reed and Yandy Smith might have the same stylist because their dress sense always seem a little out there. boring, boring, even when they meet Jennifer Williams it's still boring. Yawn.

Finally Evelyn Lozada and  Jennifer Williams

So the big topic is Evelyn Lozada isn't talking to Jennifer Williams over something she said. Apparently they have been like best friends for about ten years which means forever in these circles though the cynical part of me thinks maybe they just used to hang out at the same parties with the same group of friends. Best Friends used in the most loose way possible.

Anyway that is what this entire hour show is built around. Evelyn Lozada aint talking to Jennifer Williams.
So finally there is a big sit down with most of the girls and Evelyn fires off at Jennifer William about saying something about her in her blog. Now all I can say is that Jennifer William is stupid for allowing things to go out in her name without reading it. How many cheques/checks will this silly woman have signed. Her excuse was that she was on a yacht in Italy sipping champagne.

Also if someone was your friend before the show don't disrepect their choice of partners in public especally when Jennifer Williams's Eric treated her like a bottom feeder or pond life in public. Yes, Jennifer throwing water in your face is exactly that. Goodness know how he treated you in private.

However what I don't get is Jennifer William's snobbish outlook when her ex threw water in her face. That is so disrespect that I'm pretty scared to know what he will do behind closed doors. She needs to have a chat with Chrissy Lampkins who will keep her real on that ish! Seriously.

Anyway  Evelyn Lozada tells Jennifer go cry your crocodile tears to your publicist to which  Tami says Evelyn you are one mean bitch.

However I agree with Evelyn if someone is your friend then stand by them. I see the beef continues. By the way these women use such foul language it shows you it's all ghetto underneath all that designer wear, make-up and beauty. No class.

Next on Basketball Wives!

Kenya Bell getting down and dirty in homemade music videos, Suzie Ketcham and Bougie Princess Jennifer Williams keep on bitching, Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada chat about threesomes, marriage and monogamy