Basket ball wives season 3 vs Love and Hip Hop

So I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms from the end of Love and Hip Hop and going cold turkey like a crack whore living in a zero drug tolerance zone. Then suddenly I get this idea to watch Basketball Wives.

I'm thinking both Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives are reality shows, both have cat-fights and both are on VH1. Sadly that is where the difference ends. 

I loved Love and Hip Hop because there was something real going on. It was about real life. We know that because even Chrissy Lampkins screamed to Mona Scot  something like- 'I give you my life, I give you my personal business and I give you my shortcoming and said please Mona don't put me in this room with this bitch (Yandy Smith)'.

Even Emily Bustamaine was honest in her feeling about Fabolous. Kimbella, Olivia and the rest where quite real but Basketball Wives? There is nothing real about that show - those chicks live in a glass cages or golden gilted cages and think it's real life. It's a frigging fastasy land.

They are interesting to watch but really from a distance. It's like are looking in on exotic - in their case over-moneyed, botoxed and pampered black barbie dolls. It's like watching high school and can be interesting at times.

I've watched two shows and so far nothing is happening. Just some new chick called Meeka has rolled up. Then there is the non MF factor, b*itch! story. I do like Evelyn but still it's soooooooooooo high school.

I think in end real women can relate better to Love and Hip Hop and their stories. To be frank though I don't applaud Chrissy Lampkin's emotional outbusrst with her fists I respect what she says, the way she carries herself nad think overall she is graceful and elegant - it's only that pitt bull temper of hers that lets her side down.

As for basketball wives - I don't get it. I like their styles, the chat and intrigue but overall I still don't get it. Evelyn I do get in a way. But they all look the same. And Jennifer, what is going on there? Also there is no real story it's just a bunch of interviews and clips. Royce? Not sure about the dancers vs wives theme but if the girl is making some good money go girl. However I must say the girls have motivated me to watch my figure.  Let say rappers love bigger girls - athleletes like them fit!