Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 11:Reality Check! Mona Scot does interviews with Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkins and others!!!

Finally Love and Hip Hop comes to an end. With a twist I wasn't expecting. I really was annoyed when I heard there was going to be no reunion show and that it was going to be a series of separate interviews. I was as angry with a bear with a sore head or a pimp whose hoes had lost money walking the block.

It starts off with Mona Scott-Young the executive producer telling us about how it is made. They are pretty honest and telling us they only followed 'good' storylines (probably the reason why Somaya Reece faded). Check out the new weave and makeup. Jim Jone says on twitter it seem Mona wants to be a bigger star than all of them...

The first thing the struck me was the first executive producer looked like he was just out of college. The second who seemed like Mona's business partner looked older. But there was something else that struck me. The kind of folk that made stuff out of ghetto folk are never from the ghetto.

The reluctant Reality Show Star Jim Jones.

He is in the first in line with Mona. And give it to Jim Jones he is as honest as they come.
He is a true artist and for some reason  very underrated - probably because he and his crew are still singing old school NYC hip hop and his music hasn't really grown from the 'bitches', ice, cars and money themes. 

He knew it wasn't for him but he decided to do it because of Chrissy. I understand it. I really do and that's how you know he loves her.  It was a way for Chrissy to come out and do her own thing. Just be her own woman with her own avenue of income.  So even though he would be in it to give the show weight or make it 'substantial' it was about her. It was Chrissy Lampkin's turn to make the best of her opportunity. That's a big deal.  He was pretty uncomfortable in the interview but he'd signed a contract.

He said the good thing about the Love and Hip Hop was the publicity and commerical you get out of it. I'm not too sure but I guess I did check out his stuff. The bad thing Jim Jones thought was the drama they twirled out of his life - putting his business in the street. Reality show had no respect for personal life. They would take it and keep twisting till it was drama coming out of every angle.

He was unhappy about the way things came out - it was rather humiliating for Chrissy Lampkins and therefore him in some ways. Even though we laughed and blogged about all the fights - it was also something that was a private thing - her temper (very short fuse) was now aired in front of millions of people.  and it wasn't he type of show he wanted.  

The biggest thing was what he said about Yandy Smith. He didn't need a manager who put his business out in the street. I think the bottom line was that night with Chrissy Lampkin in the club when Yandy Smith said the thing about the instalment and was very insulting to Chrissy Lampkin. With the heat over, Yandi was in the wrong. It was out of line. She was out of order and should never get that personal with a client's partner.  If she didn't respect Chrissy, Yandy Smith should have at least respected who Chrissy Lampkin was - Jim Jones's woman. It means out of respect for Jim she would have never crossed words with Chrissy. Now I enjoyed it as entertainment but in real life it was a horrible thing to do to someone even Chrissy.
There is a difference.

Boring Emily Bustmante !

Boring. Boring. Boring. Same old ish! Seriously. And she had put on a few more pounds. Something for Falolous to hold on in the winter. I just wish her the best of luck. I do like Emily because she is the most elegant and graceful but then she might be really boring. A woman that needs a man.

Now the thing is she claims that she and Kimbella Vanderdee have a mutual friend and have met before at a party in Atlanta. Something which Kimbella denies. To be fair there is no reason why either is lying. They may have both met randomly at a party and have a mutual friend or more likely associate/acquittance.  No one remembers everyone they meet and Emily Bustamante just looks like any other rapper/hip hop girlfriend. There is nothing unique about her - so you can a party full of the same type of women. I don't remember everyone I meet at parties so there is no reason for Kimbella to deny because it's very possible - just a 'maybe we did, I don't remember we did. I meet so many people' would have been better. Being at the same party does not imply you hang out together!

The second bit is Falobous denying sleeping with Kimbella saying they did have a form of sex but not intercourse - implying fellatio rather than sex. Personally I'm not buying it. Most blokes will say that to appease their woman. I don't really think Kimbella is the type to do that - she might do a quickie in the restroom or car park or back of the limo but not 'sexual act'.  Only saying this because Kimbella looked the type who was out to get an industry boyfriend and these girls have a plan. What Fabolous was describing was groupie behavour and sorry, Fabolous - Kimbella is no groupie she was woman looking to hook a rapper. So Emily only Fabolous and Kimbella knows what happened. Did they date? Maybe they did within a short period of time but who cares?

I believe Kimbella when she said she didn't know Fabolous had a woman (maybe she means serious committed relationship)  - only because she was on the prowl to get herself an industry man. Groupie sexual acts were not going to Kimbella in front on videos or booty magazines. She may have thought that Emily Bustmaine was nothing important  or serious. Then maybe at sometime after she found out. Verdict both are telling the truth - their version. Remember the truth is different from each point of view.

Kimbella Vanderhee

I liked her and she was one of my favourites on the show. I don't know why but I just warmed to both her and Erica Mena also Chrissy in a way.

It seemed her format and role changed on the show. It was suppose to be a partnership to Chrissy and Jim only her man Juelz Santana  got cold feet and backed down.  Kimbella is pretty philosophical  about it saying he needs to grow up and learn to keep his pants up. Not dip into every groupie honey pot. To be fair Juelz Santana did kind of looks like an over grown child. He behaves very immature at times even in his music. There is a childish quality to it. Check out the one with Chris Brown - who even looks more manly and mature than he does.

Not much. It's no point judging her because on some level all these girls are the same. Even the Emily B who has a thirteen year old daughter. So they all have pasts.
 I do feel sorry for her because even when she got the rapper she wanted he still did the dirty. She gives it straight -  man should keep his di*k in his pants if he is with a woman. Over all Juelz Santana  acts like he is still the child with his hands in the cookie jar and he is shoving as many as he can into his mouth.  I think he still needs to grow in some respects. It's not just about his di*king around. It's about taking responsibility. Kimbella is clearly all woman and no child. She does not need a man-child. she needs a real man.

Chrissy Lampkin - Reckless Abandon

She is the person I relate to the most of the show. The one I admire and respect the most and probably the truth be know when all the dust has settled she is my favourite. I can see myself in her.  Chrissy Lampkins is an articulate, well spoken and elegant lady with one big weakness. A huge weakness for such a tiny person. She is very small in height - petite lady but lots of fire power.

She has a very short fuse and when threatened she brings out her fists. Now this is where she was manipulated and exploited by Love and Hip Hop, VH1 and Mona Scot.  They knew that when Chrissy Lampkin was put in an emotional situation she would explode and so they did that delibrately.

So much respect that she did not want to be interviewed by Mona Scot otherwise Chrissy knows she'll have probably landed her fist in her face.  She said she knew it was about having a good show but she'd told them she didn't want to be caught up in certain situations.

She was saying in the club gave them her life, her personal business, her short-comings and everything but told them not to put her in the same room with Yandy Smith but they still did because it made good TV.

She was very emotional that about the way things turned out. After the engagement which was a big moment she was put into the same room with Yandy Smith and that spoilt everything for her. It was the email that Yandy Smith mentioned about her bags and shoes habit.

It was this exploited of Chrissy Lampkins that Jim Jones hated. Finally she found an avenue or outlet that she could call her own but they show had to build her up in series one only to protray her differently in series two.

Yandy Smith and Mona Scot have known Jim Jones for years and esp Yandy would know Chrissy has a short fuse so in some ways in was very delibrate just for a TV show. This is where it gets uncomfortable because at the end of the show - rightly or wrongly we know Chrissy was set up. In real life Chrissy would never be in these situations - maybe when she was a kid but as an adult you avoid them. Then she has had to deal with maclious rumours about her past life - entertainment to the rest of us but as she says when the camera stop rolling it's still her life. She was the most honest so I hope she makes something of it. 

It is also here where after the show has gone and managers code of conduct come into question Yandy Smith was so unprofessional that if she worked for any licensed body she would have been struck off her where licence to practice revoked. Good thing that music management is a glorified hustled that allows all sorts in.

The sadness about this is that Chrissy Lampkins is still not sure if she is going to sign up for another series. I don't think she will because of all this stuff.

Her comments on Yandy Smith were just the woman was unprofessional. I think Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkins thought Yandy Smith was going to come on and build up Jim Jone's brand or showcase how good a manager she was instead the still heifer got involved in the bitching and ishing of the show.

I just feel sorry the day Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy Smith will meet up.

The Unprofessional Manager: Yandy Smith 

Yandy Smith is first asked if she slept with Jim Jones. The answer is no. Not sure anyone cares and those who care not sure it will changed their minds.

She was unprofessional knowing even if she was close to the family she wasn't close to Chrissy Lampkins - not her friend so that book about mother in laws would not have gone down well. Also the whole blow up at the club.

Yandy Smith has no boundaries. See she gets it wrong with considering Jim Jones family and her 'brother'.  She says she considered Jim family and so considered Chrissy family. No, WRONG. Jim Jones was her client first and that respect and boundary is extended to Chrissy. It's a situation that gets parent managers fired at some point because the roles of parent and managers become mixed. Take Usher, Brandy, the late Michael Jackson and even Lindsey Lohan. 

If one is always professional you can't been seen to be make a jackass of yourself on TV. I mean Yandy Smith may know her stuff and be a very good manager but this was a poor showcase of her managerial talents.

There is nothing much to say. By disrespecting Chrissy Lampkins she disrespected her client. She needs to learn a bit of professionalism if she every wants to hit it in the big time.

She was just unprofessional. I think Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkins thought Yandy Smith was going to come on and build up Jim Jone's brand or showcase how good a manager she was instead the still heifer got involved in the bitching and ishing of the show.

Chrissy Lampkins makes it clear they were never friends. They never hung out. It was only because of the show.  However Yandy Smith calls it different saying she spoke all the time to Chrissy on the phone about Jim. I think both women are telling the truth and it lies between definitions. Just like Emily and Kimbella hanging out.

Maybe they never hung out but the would speak. Relating is subjective. Some people have different definitions and think these two have.

Anyway it goes down to petty jealousies on both side. Chrissy and Yandy. There is a rivalry between then in some way and that comes out in the way about Yandy getting a bigger part and Chrissy mouthing up in the green screen about Yandy being on her show. Petty childish behaviour from both woman. Shame.

Olivia Longott - still reserved

Olivia Longott was a winner on this series because she got a record deal in the end so it was worth all the stuff about her mother writing her letters. Her mother was pretty upset about it - bit hey it was a showbiz.

She is still reserved.  The only problem is that it comes out in her vocals and singing as well so one cannot connect with her songs. She sides with Yandy Smith saying Chrissy Lampkins was wrong however in the long run Yandy Smith is more useful than Chrissy and the music business is about stateragy. Olivia is no fool, you cuss out a manager for a rapper's kept girl friend.

I heard her new song and there is an emotional distance in her song. So really what everyone was saying is true - you can be reserved but emotions needs to come out in the vocals otherwise they will hit the listeners cold. Olivia Longott is a good technical singer. She uses all the tricks and techniques but the barrier still stand in her delivery but she is beautiful and going through the rubbish of Love and Hip Hop deserves another chance. Hope she makes it. Good luck for trying!

Somaya - Shoes and Tequila

She was a winner as well. She launched her tequila and dared called Mona Scot a bitch. She came on very aggressive though in the end they kissed and made up. Apparently she was cut from the show because she was causing no drama and getting along.

Somaya Reece was like you only like me when I'm sleeping in atics and stuff. Boring, boring and yawn. She apparently just wanted to talk about shoes and her liquor. and nothing else.  She wanted to build a brand so her screen time shrunk. It was pretty funny when she said Maurice should go back to shop because they were missing an elf&^k there.  She clams the show is not real because they didn't follow.   So boring and yawn, yawn.

Somaya calls it as it is. She says Mona was a bitch to them (the cast) and was acting like a diva. Mona was like they will have to agree to disagree. Then Somaya walks off. In the ends she apologies and they make up.

Erica Mena

Another of my favourite. I hope she does well out of this. She just cried her way through the interview but she is a fighter. She was what Kimbella called 70IB with two air balloons stuck on her chest. The air balloon were not display this time.

She just forgot herself in front of the cameras. The she started to cry. Mona then comforted her because she was really upset.