Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 10: Chrissy Lampkins will swallow a lot more to keep a lifestyle with a rapper.

The show was boring and yawn yawn.

The Vanderhees: Kimbella, Mama and Papa Vanderhee

Kimbella's family made an appearance and Mama Vanderhee was looking really nice. She had a nice hair cut and had bleached her hair blonde with was far better that the carrot top she was showcasing a few episodes ago. Daddy Vanderhee also came - looking like a normal dad.

I must say that the Vanderhee family have been very supportive of kimbella in this venture. One brother and Mom and Dad have turned up dispite what Kimbella has said. It shows her family is very tight. They just want her to succeed and if coming on to a show does that then they will.

I don't think the house is really where Kimbella and Julez live. I think that was gotten for the VH1 show. Only becuase there is something unlived in about it. And it seems too small for two minorly successful artists - Kimbella in bootie mags and Julez in rapping.

Chrissy Lampkins keeps it real with Emily B

The only interesting bit was Chrissy Lampkins advice to Emily B. VH1 knows how to blow someones credibility to the ground. And they did that with Chrissy Lampkins. They built her up over the show only to her trip over herself on the amount of bull she would take from her man.

All I can say is how Chrissy Lampkins comes over hypocritical. She is really a hypocrite or maybe just deluded.

She meets Emily for a drink and dishes out advice telling her it's all about loyalty and respect. She give her the three - see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. She tells her once Fabolous does not flaunt his infidelities in her face, it's okay.

 “Unfortunately, this rap world is crazy. Girls will give you their body before they give up their name. A man is gonna do what he’s gonna do, but he needs to be smart enough and loyal enough for you to never see it or feel it or hear it.”

"When a man truly loves a woman, he does what he has to do to keep her and keep her happy. That's all you need. Somebody who's loyal to your heart and to your soul."

Chrissy added, “I’m not accepting and I’m not blind.  I’m just realistic.  I know that things happen.  But you better not ever let me find out.  Ever, ever, ever, ever.”

Well all I can say that this implies it's okay for Jimmy Jones to cheat once Chrissy doesn't find out about it. It's really convoluted and disappointing because they have being protrayed as the prefect couple. They both love each other and stuff though I did notice a chance in body language between the two in Jamaica. There was something missing in the closeness they had. It seemed put on.

It's a sorry state of affairs and the respect she has built up over the series dwindles.  Chrissy Lampkins is a contradiction and doesn't seem as strong as she thinks she is. She is tough but underneath it all is a very insecure woman who will put up with a lot of rubbish to keep up a certain lifestyle with a man. Is is really in love with Jim Jones?  Well in reality, I'll say no - she may love him and it's a comfortable situation but she is like an ivory tower chick surrounded with mirrors.

The rest of the show was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz