Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 9: Yandi moans to the Boss, Chrissy summons Emily and Olivia, Kimbella goes to fight Erica Mena again.

Do these Hip Hop wives really call their partners by thier stage names ? Does Beyonce really call Jay-z (Shawn Carter) 'Jay-z' or does she call him Shawn? I only say thing because Beyonce has never slipped out a 'Shawn...I mean Jay-Z.' Nor has Emily B ever called Fabolous (John David Jackson) even with a slip up 'John or David'. It's like she is constantly with the alter-ego Fabolous. At what point do these women leave the stage names of the rappers behind and call them their given names. At least Chrissy called Jim, Jimmy. Anyway for my view on the show - it was pretty boring.
Hmmm... Head Honcho and the real queen bee Mona Scott-Young (executive producer of the programme ) has a heart to heart with Yandy lets her know what we all having being saying - BE PROFESSIONAL! Now the way it's playing out I'm not sure if it's real or scripted because Ms Mona Scott-Young is way too big to be stepping into some dwag mess like what Chrissy and Yandy are in. Anyway she basically tells Yandy - it's  a job and if she didn't like it she could have walked.

Yandy is still hyper-mouthing off about Chrissy but Mona has a point. It is always about boundaries and keeping things professional. Even if Jim Jones over steps the boundaries and behaves like a spoilt brat, Yandy needs to keep it in check.

However lets be real/realistic it's really about the money. If Yandy gets Jim Jones - gigs and situations that can bring in the money/dough - he will tell his partner Chrissy 'kick boxing champ' Lampkins to step back.  However if Yandy is rubbish at her job - no matter how professional or unprofessional she is, she will be given the pink slip and shown the door.  The question is how good is Yandy Smith's outcome - her bottom line in terms of hard cold currency for Jim Jones. Ya'll know our girl Chrissy 'i'll sucker-punch-you-out' Lampkins has a bad shoe and bag habit which needs to be feed. I'm sure Chrissy Lampkins is there for richer and poorer in spirit but I doubt in real terms. 

People put up with bad behaviour once they are getting something - so basically he can afford to let Yandy Smith go.

Chrissy meets to Emily and Olivia.

She summons Olivia and Emily to a meeting about loyalty. She behaves like a gangsta in the terms of you ride with me or you get off. It's too silly to go into. It's also boring but she comes over a bully and Olivia really needs to get some courage instead of people pleasing.

To me Yandy is wrong for crossing the line and Chrissy is wrong in interferiing in her man's business. It should have never got to that point. This is really what happens when you draw business into social life.

Emily bless her is finally having something  say other than Fab. However she too mixes business and pleasure because she is close to Fabulous's ex personal assistant.

The rest of the show is pretty boring. Erica Mena mouthing off about Kim'booty model' bella to Vibe magazine. She and Somaya  (guest appearance) go to sort her out at hwe birthday party. Kimbella dressed like a hooker - you left the house like that?

Kim's brother showed up to show support. There is one thing about the family and they are very supportive so I do admire Kimbella's family because they know what the show is about but they really love her and want the best for her. If it's her decision to do sh&tty shows like this, then they will be behind her.

Emily and Fabolous's assistant.

Emily is told by Fabolous assistant to keep it real  - as she will never go with a school teacher - it will always be with a rapper - on Fabulous's status or bigger she needs to know this comes with the territory. She has a certain lifestyle with certain men can provide her with - high ballers and rappers. Yes, she is saying she is a stylist but how much does that pay in real terms? She is not totally independent so she needs to have a little patience, put up and shut up. Whatever.

Season finale next week. It's getting a bit boring but I'm not sure.