Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 8: Jimmy Jones in the shower all hot and bothered- Maimi club goes Hood - Chrissy Lampkins kicks Yandy Smith

OMG! Oh. My. Gosh.  Can this get any worse? Can it? Can it? I was a bit torn on whether I should write about this episode but I thought WTF! Why not? If grown up women can disgrace themselves and behave like children themselves for entertainment on TV, why not?

Please not this is not straightforward  account - it's more my take on the situation with a twist or sarcasm and cynicism. By the way where is Somaya? Chrissy 'The chick beater' Lampkins please learn to say more that 'I will beat you up' when someone has left you scrapping your pride and dignity off the floor with their choice of words.

The hip hop fairy tale proposal - Jimmy Jones and Chrissy Lampkins. 

So the episode starts with our main man, the one and only handsome Jimmy Jones. What a hunk! What a man! I can see why girls are going crazy and why every second Miss Lampkins is ready to hit someone that even just mentions this man's name (check out the shower scene below!). So he starts on how much he loves this woman and how he is ready to propose. I believe him but then as a hustler-pro I think the whole VH1 show had something to do with it. If the figures are high enough this Hustler will jump.

Anyway, Jim Jones sets off in handsome knight mode to see his fair lady (who has the odd rottweiler/pitt bull dog tendencies) only this time instead of riding a horse he has a private jet in the Ghetto Fabulous - Rich Hip Hop style.

Are Chrissy Lampkins and Jim Jones the new Jay-z and Beyonce? Well... who knows. 

Good, the Cristal is all laid out

Anyway, he dashes via a private jet - ghetto fabulous style to Miami. We are not sure who hired the jet - Jimmy Jones or was it VH1 desperate for some action on this stalling 'marry me Jimmy' story line. - Who care anyway? Jimmy Jones is sitting all Ghetto Fabulous and Hip Hop royalty in his own jet.

Yes, Chrissy Ima coming with the ring!

So here is is getting up his energy for one of the biggest moments of his life and no I'm not talking about hitting the billboard number one or getting a Grammy. Ima mean going to Miami to find the lady (well can we really call Chrissy that?) of his dreams.

This sparkle of Jones Love
He travels in style - private jet In the private jet - Jimmy Jones looks at the ring befitting a queen -  His Queen Chrissy 'pit bull' Lampkins.  Eat you heart out, Kim Kardashian, I'm sure you'll love to add this to your collection. It is a sparkler of all sparklers. At this point my eyes well up.  It is so Hip Hop - I wonder how many Bentleys is this ring worth?  

It's now or never. No turning back!

Jimmy does the shower scene - Hot and Bothered!

However Love and Hip Hop tease us with a half naked and fully tatooed Jim Jones having a shower. Jim Jones is one fine black man. I can get me a bit of that. Look at those muscles! My blood pressure goes up. I start to tingle in places - this is bad. As he showers down with soap running down his lovely body we are purnished with  Jim Jones going about how wonderful Chrissy Lampkins is.

The fantasy for millons of women is spoiled. Chrissy gets all this - we are jealous. Washboard abs, not a ounce of fat on his body. The lovely designs of the tattoos.  Jim Jone is one HOT, LUSTY and FINE MAN.

Jim Jones loves her 'oh so much'. Chrissy 'I will F&^k you' Lampkins is one lucky lady.
Hot and bothered with Jim Jones in the shower talking about how much he loves Chrissy.  Then I think is that a cold shower, Jimmy?

Lampkins,  not the weapon,baby,

 Is Chrissy secretly in the shower on bended knees? Who knows? But the man seems to be enjoying the shower too much. Anyway I'm still jealous that Chrissy Lampkins has this pure chocolate delicious male all to herself.
Danm Chrissy take it easy on the jewels, you will get the ring

Is Jim really saying ‘Oh Chrissy, slower, slower, you better than than Karrine sh&t,  make it hard go, soft, Geez, I can’t take it anymore, You will get the ring, Bitch, just do it, please girl, please, Ohh…….’ But then VH1 did a proper voice over. Who knows? All I know is a fine black man is having a shower that looks more porno than normal. Still he is delicious so Lampkins gets points on that from.

 All I know is Chrissy Lampkins is one lucky Lady!

Chrissy that was so good. You get it!
So we are convinced of how lucky Chrissy is. She has the man. Jim Jone - a fine specimen of manhood. The guy is so buff!

Please let be real and not just for ratings.

Well as you all saw he goes and proposes and Chrissy is crying, I'ma crying and the whole world is crying.

Jim Jones finally making an honest woman of her.