Love and Hop Hip - Erica Mena - She comes clean about that incident and calling the police! She never! Kimbella makes malicious claims about Erica

Below is Erica's interview where she alleges she is a victim of VH1 editing and soundbites. What she says does have a ring of truth to it but even still... Anyway I like her - I think she brings a freshness to the show and something different. She has a vitality that does not appear fake or jaded. She is genuine about making it.  There is a genuineness about her unlike the others who come very staged and scripted.

There is nothing more dislikable that a bunch of haters hating on someone. The new person to hate is Erica Mena. Now she is a bit of live cracker but at least she is trying.

All of a sudden Kimbella malicious really insults Erica calling her names based on what people in the industry said. This heifer is stupid. Yes, Kimbella is stupid to go around spreading industry rumours like they are true - she has no proof! Just nastiness. Her interview is on

Kimbella can actually be done for libel and slander. I used to think Kimbella was okay but that is plain ugly inside and out to say that about another woman without knowing if it was true. Kimbella doesn't think - landed Chrissy Lampkin's foot on her butt. It's one thing to say these things to your friends it's another to say them in a public arena. Kimbella is skanky like she is any better than Erica - NOT!

Ugliness is nasty.

Erica's interview.