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Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Episode 6: Kimbella and Erica Mena Fight. Erica gets a busted eye in fight! Then Erica calls the cops!

I didn't write up the last show because it was boring but this show is really something. Chrissy Lampkins is still crying about the old 'marriage' story. Emma still on about Fab. The only good thing is new arrival Erica Mena who had a bad attitude - I mean pretty nasty and gets down and dirty in a real girly fight with Kimbella and the police are called. Well Erica Mena demands the police or medics are called in. Then the Olivia story.

Kimbella vs Erica Mena: battle of booty girls turned the video girls turned singers

I thought Kimbella was slutty but Erica is a downright dirty whore or hoe. Did you see her outfit? One pull of what she was wearing and her boobs would have popped out. She looked naked underneath that jumpsuit of hers.

Erica already has beef with Kimbella without ever meeting her that Kimbella's type is bringing down the industry by doing things for near free. Its the same Olivia vs Somaya battle of levels only it turns physical.

Erica doesn't consider Kimbella a model but more 'soft porn: one hundred and one ways you can bend over.'  Erica says she had done adverts, editorials, campagins and not just flash her T&A at boy magazines. Erica is really angry at Kimbella and what she represents. Infact she inplies she is a real model and Kimbella is just a hustler.  But in all fairness like Olivia and Somaya - they are both on the same level which is - Love and Hip Hop.

"Just because you are groupie and have slept with a few artists doesn't mean you are a model' says Erica Mena. 'Girls like me have to give the reminder.' Then Erica goes on to say. 'You think you have won the jack pot because you got someone to knock you up. (must mean rapper Juelz Santana), you got somebody with an little money to knock up up.'  You can litereally see the steam of hate buzzing from Erica's ears.

Erica keeps going on with the insults and abuse. Kimbella throws a drink in her face then it all kicks off. The girl fight again. I wish it was Chrissy because Chrissy knows how to. It's a girly fight with spitting, sratching and clawing each other. They don't know each other but Kimbella seems to attract a lot of hostility from other women. I think she is okay but the girls seem to really dislike her.

Even if just for her child Kimbella should not allow people to talk and disrespect her in that way. It's not worth the money because poeple think it's real as in reality TV. This is not a some acting job and so can affect her in real life. What about her family and those close to her seeing her rediculed just to get famous.

It seems real because even the cameramen get involved in trying to separate them.  And Yandi is saying 'Erica it's enough, let her go.'

They still won't let go. I think Kimbella is making up for Chrissy Lampkin so it's real. Then the other staff behind the cameras step in.

Finally they are separated and Erica is lead away from another behind the scenes staff asking if she is okay.

So Kimbella apparently had busted up Erica's eye. Wow - it's all that Chrissy anger that has come out. So Erica is all she had F&$ked up my eye. Then she runs back for another run but is stopped. Her parting words - 'I know where to catch up.'

Erica can't really afford to have a black eye or a cut because beauty is her business. Her face is her business but really she should go picking fights. Anyway I heard that VH1 is going to ban all glass around their cast and now they will only drink from plastic given the girl on girl violence. That fight was real.

Kimbella's face is all bruised with some bleeding. And they are putting on some sort of salve/dressing to it. You can see her face is all marshed up. Brusied, red and swollen.

Then Erica Mena is screaming call the cops! You don't call police in Hip Hop! Seriously. You don't go and provoke a fight then call the cops! PLEASE! If Kimbella did that with the footage Chrissy would have been locked up.

 Anyway Erica Mena calls the cops and Kimbella and Yandi take off their shoes ane with barefeet and make a run for it. You can't really involved the police because it makes it complicated.

The parting look is that Kimbella gave Erica a good wacking - you can see the paramedics attending to her. But still you can't look for trouble and then call the cops.

Boring Olivia still can't get a deal

Okay there was nothing really about last show, it sort of lagged. But this show, well Rich needs to realise that Olivia doesn't have star appeal. It's really that simple. Yes she is pretty, she can sing, she can dance but still there is something missing. The one thing which Louie Walsh mentions on UK X factor - she is not likable. She does not have the likablity factor.

That's what comes over. She is not even sweet natured. First she was slagging off Somaya and then she seems to be making trouble. She looks like one of those girls in gang who goes of making nasty comments and sort of laughing at other girls misfortune. She is too hard,.

The thing is that Olivia was give two chances based on looks alone and the public did not want her. Clive Davis and 50 cent G- Unit deal.  Face it, Olivia is just a back-up singer given a few too many breaks without delivering and now has become reality TV fodder.


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