Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 4: Cry me a river, Jim, Olivia and Mama Drama! WTF

Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 4 is one heck of a drama. I thought it would lag but I was wrong. So wrong! Where do I begin?

First up is Jim and Nancy Jones. This is not fake or phony. I felt the man's pain but please he was crying! Tears were falling from his eyes. If you did not catch that bit go back on VH1 rewind and see his eyes were wet and tears rolling down his cheek. I don't get why he has to cry on TV. I just don't get it. A grown assed man crying on TV over female trouble.  You can cry dude but not on TV! It's private!

It got to the point that Nancy Jones backed down. I just wonder what sort  of hold Chrissy 'I will f*^k you up' Lampkins has on him because with all this love crying it isn't exactly like he has proposed to marry her. It's clear they love each other, have a good rapport and have a strong relationship but I'm not too sure. I've also noticed that according to Jim everyone should accept how Chrissy and makes allowances for her but he never holds her accountable for her actions. It's like he treads very carefully when she is involved a bit of pussyfooting. I don't get it.

My favourite character - yes Chrissy 'I will smash your face up' Lampkins. She has this chat with Jim Jones about Yandi and tells him she can do her job. You know what Chrissy? If you could you would be doing her job.  She can't do Yandi's job simply because Yandi is a professional. She is the only one whose breasts don't hang out. She may be wearing those loop earings like it going out of fashion but she dresses well. Also she proved her worth with the advice she gave Olivia.

Chrissy knows her weaknesses but still doesn't avoid them. She talks sense but when it comes to action I think she just blows up.

Olivia got a reality check about her stalling career. Like the A&R guy said she has had two chances already - Clive Davis and 50 cent why should she get a third. Anyway she crepted over to Yandi who gave her some solid advice. This is what makes Yandi good at her job - Chrissy Lampkins take note - you can't do her job.  Then Olivia started on the cliche mamma sob story. Didn't she just move out of her parent's apartments to her own place in show one. So I think someone might have said Olivia you need some drama story - either bullying or parent drama. Just watch show one again when she says I've moved from my parents NOT dad but PARENTS.

Kimbella. She trys too hard. Way too hard. How much insult can a woman take? Is it that important to be liked? Just get the exposure and move on with your life.