Love and Hip Hop series: RUMOURS - Maino & Olivia to be first couple of Love and Hip Hop

Top hip hop site All Hip has set the rumour mill grinding alleging that Maino may appear in Love and Hip Hop. Right now the show's main man is Jim Jones which makes his female Chrissy 'I will F&%k you up' Lampkins first lady and queen bee of the show.

Maino who is alleged to be Olivia’s current boo. There ares some disgusting pictures of them tongue wrestling better known as kissing on the site. Anyway reckons Maino will be the ying to Olivia's yang.

If this rumour is true that  implications now is that will Olivia get more screen time rather than being Chrissy Lampkins side kick?

Who is this guy Maino? Good question because I've never heard of him till today so check out his website.  His music is a bit genric but maybe the show will give him a bit of publicity needed. He also needs to update and main his website as that is a major feature of his brand.