Love and Hip Hop series: Fabolous speaks out about his Baby Mama Emily, Kimbella the jump off and Ray J on the Angie Martinez

copyright Necole Bitchie
Is Fabolous trying to capitalise on Emily's fame off  Love and Hip Hop? I thought he wasn't interested, anyhow Emily Bustamain's  baby daddy, Fabolous has now stepped up with to the mic giving an intervew to the lovely Angie Martinez about his views regarding what what he thinks is wrong with the show. Also why he hasn't appeared in it.

I have respected Fabolous for not giving in and being protrayed as a bitch on Love and Hip Hop and exposing his  private life for all those to see. At some points becomes too fake. I mean see how we already judge Jim Jones in his relationship to Chrissy Lampkin. Their relationship is like public property. However with dollar signs in his eyes Fabolous did say he would be open to doing the 'right kind of show'. black folk no fighting? Please.

Anyway he chats about Kimbella - the jump off, Emily B  and Ray J. Remember there was an incident earlier this year with Ray J acting all manly in Fabolous's face.
Check it out the interview on Angie Martinez website.

Check out Necole Bitchie's blog for the response of hostile Emily B fans and stans. The comments on that site never fail to make me laugh. Fabolous is not a popular man.