Psychologies Magazine: Why do I read it?

If there was magazine that I could not put down and had to buy it would this one. At the whooping price of £3.70 which is about $7.00.  I am truely addicted and to get out a subscription would be admitting defeat to the power it had over me. It's a very emotive magazine.

Why do I get it? Well at the magazine stand it seems to accurately solve all the problems in my life. I can relate to all the subjects and I think getting it will make me a better, more successful and happier person than I already am. This effect is quickly worn off when I take it home and dump in the corner of my living room.

I understoond this after a buying a couple of isses. Then I thought - well there must be something I could use to jusfity its purchase. Nothing, I still myself going to the checkout till with it firmly in my hand. Even when I newstand surf (reading all the magazines and indeed reading Psychologies Magazine cover to cover) I still feel I must buy it. It's not really for the celeb cover telling me how much they have suffered in their lives. This November issue it's Robin Wright. It's really for the little nuggets of advice that is scattered all over the magazine. A paragraph here and a paragraph there.

Some of the articles are good and others pure drivel. Well, maybe the drivel stuff does not apply to me. Even the editor Louse Chunn  in her November editor's letter says not everything is relevant to her life as she isn't every woman.

I also find that some but not all of the articles have a hidden agenda as in getting you to buy a book or something. They are appear as sophisticated press releases where authors come to flog or promote a book. Hardly an article without a footnote saying that some book or another will be available.

Anyway I've decided to see if I can disect why I buy this magazine. My justifcation this month was that I could use it to inspire my writing. Well I guess I've started.

Check it out