Psychologies Magazine: Dilemmas answered - My Mama Says I'm Too Fat to Get A Man

So Psychologies Magazine is my unjustified addictive purchase and I'm now going thorough it's problem's page. Now we have this babe who writes in whose own mother tells her she needs to lose weight because she is too chucky to get funky. Apparently, baby girls tells mama - it's because she has being moving and that's why she is single. Then she writes the agony auntie or in upmarket Psychologies Magazine pyschotherapist speak that her mama had hurt in a disrespectful way. Ya'll need to by the current issue to find out what Madam Pyschotherapist says.

Then baby girl goes on to say her mama is fat too and she refuses to see herself in a similar view. She cried real bad over her mama's comment. Says she ain't denying her size but refuse to beat herself over it. Yeah, right - lock the pies away.

First thing before we get into the whole self esteem issues.She didn't say how big she was. I guess it must be over a 'normal' big. Then fat is fat. Deal with it. Most guys and here is the key - most guys will date only up to a certain size then you have to compensate for your fatness. I don't get the whole 'disrespect' thing.

Sometimes in life I think you need to be objective. Not being fat anit going make you single but it is a valid view point. And plenty of people will think that too. Therefore take away blokes who think like her mama there are a few left.

Also people are hardly single because size. It is probaly more about attitude and how she 'images' her self.  And finally baby girl most men and I mean most men don't really care about size. If they fancy you, they fancy you. As I said it's more about your image and confidence rather than size.