Love & Hip Hop - what a show - Bye bye X Factor

So I've given up on watching X Factor aka the search for SyCo's new bitch and found a new series. Love and Hip series one. OMG! So much drama going down. I was thinking of doing a write up for each episode because it is just so fabulous. Right now I'm loving Chrissy Lampkin, Mama Nancy Jones and Emily. Those are my favourite. I love love Samaya. I think both Chrissy and Samaya have more in common than the others.

I think if not for the situation both Samaya and Chrissy would be friends because there is sort of honesty about those two that come accross. They don't take any rubbish or nonsense of anyone.

I love Nancy Jones (Jim Jone's Mama) because she knows how to work walk out of a  situation before it turns nasty. She gets provoked up to a certain point and then leaves. And even though she is a primadonna, drama queen and can extremely childish - she more often than not has a point. We know she is unpredictable and probably the sort of person you'll avoid but she speaks the truth and has self respect. She has dignity. Enough that when the situation is getting out of hand in a public arena she walks away. She is not going to hand her hang too much of her dirty linen in public.

Emily. Well I'm not sure it looks like she has botox in some shows. Then at the reunion she had her chest all hanging out. I felt like saying 'Honey you need to pull that top up and those bobos away.' She comes over very insecure at times.

Mashonda - ya'll let forclosure on your house? I just wonder how these couples hand handle their money.

Olivia - hmmm... I'm not too sure. She has the complete package but I think her mouth and personality may have played a part in her not getting far. It wasn't even the shows but the reunion that showed her up. And I thought if that is how you treat people Olivia I can see why you are where you are today'. As I said Olivia is the complete package till she starts acting up. Complete in that she has everything going for her - the look (she is beauitful), body and voice.

However and but. This is the big BUT none of those things stand on their own. Her voice does not stand out on it's own. There are plenty of girls who can sing like that and better. She is beautiful but doesn't really have a big stage presence to compenstate for other things. However together those units make it into a package. Now if she is nasty to others - she does not have enough TALENT to ride it. Nor has she taken all this time out to polish her voice to another level. She is still singing common hooks.  Her songs though meaningful to her they  are generic with common and predicable lyrics, rythmes and the chord progressions are a 'cut and paste' job.

She slags off/insults Samaya's game but she is really no better probably even worse off because Samaya has a presence due to her height. Samaya is trying to get recognised she hasn't been dropped from labels and living off past glory. J Records, G Unit etc are history for Olivia. She is now in the same space technically as Samaya.  Looking for a deal or waiting to make a record.

Oh well,  if you more reading here are the links!/loveandhiphop