X Factor: The search for SyCo's new bitch. The Twist to Zero Factor

OMG! The sing off had two of the best singers in the competition and all the rubbish tatt got saved. Sammi and Kitty it was so painful to watch that I'm signing off my X Factor hat. Seriously how can two of the best singers be in the bottom and Frankie get through.

Good for Misha B though. However Sammi is better than most. And Kitty is simply the business. She was the better singer by far but it was unfair.

I think I'm switching to Strictly because X Factor is just too much to bear. Too much that singers who sing out of tune, break and drop note sail through. It's becoming the Z Factor for those with Zero singing ability. Yes I'm miffed but then it does free up my saturday evenings. It means I can go to the pub now on a Saturday Night like normal people who have a life.

Will miss Louie Walsh he is my favourite judge. He is soooooo showbiz. He knows how to play the game. Even to the point of appologising to Misha however don't forget people he got his point through.