X Factor - The search of SyCo's New Bitch. Saga of the Bully takes over

OMG! X Factor was car crash TV. The rock night was a complete and utter disaster that I nearly switched off. It was wrong, wrong, wrong. And the judges were a disgrace apart from Louie. I even turned over to Strictly but that had finished. Then I watched a bit of Merlin but finally decided to see X Factor through.

The the 'B' word came up. BULLY. Not sure what is going on but it's a definite tatical however there is no smoke without fire. So now Misha B is being accused of being a bully. Well, well, well nothing is more hated in UK than a bully. So not really sure what is going to happen. Good luck to her and I hope it dies down.

Kelly's girls managed to turn ROCK songs into R&B songs. So many R& B licks, runs and riffs in all the girls' songs. Sophie turned Living Like a Prayer into a R&B song and all the others did the same.

Louie's acts delivered. 

    * Frankie Cocozza 
 Frankie was a walking disaster and still can't sing! At least Kelly Rowland was honest - he need to bring it vocally - THAT MEANS SING! You can the swagger, the attitude but a singer needs to SING. Not sure how he will be able to go through. That blow dry and skinny jeans are just annoying. Singing ability - zero!

    *Craig Colton

Not sure if the judges are hearing what I'm hearing. The guy is always out of tune. It maybe the song but please brother you need to up your game. Sing something where you don't need to belt or scream because it comes out broken and croaky. Your notes break up and it seems like you have lost your voice or something. Not sure, still not sure.

    * Marcus Collins
Medicore.  Same here I must be missing something because I'm not hearing what the judges seem to be hearing. Also boring.

The Overs

    * Kitty Brucknell 
Brillant - gives the money worth. Kitty knows why she is in the game. It's probably to up her career as an entertainer and get better exposure. She doesn't care if she wins but she wants to go far enough to make it pay. She has all the tools but just needs a break - something of a push to help her along. Loving her! She is using X Factor as ride to fame. Now we can probably say X Factor is Kitty's bitch!

    * Johnny Robinson
Wow, the guy can sing. Same as Kitty. He is using it as a platform to a better performing career. It's about getting exposure to do better quality gigs and MCing.

    * Sami Brookes
Good voice and she probably the only 'over'  that wants to win. She is good but can't win.

Can't be bothered to write more but do watch ITV so we can see where the Bully saga goes and who gets kick off.