X Factor - the search for SyCo's new bytch. Nu Vibe Go!

It's started - the votes and it left an nasty taste in my mouth. Frankie gave a rubbish vocal but stayed. However Nu Vibe should have known if up against a 'favorite' in this case over blow-dried Frankie they needed to kill the vocal. They did not. It was good but not good enough to be a clear clear choice.

Both had nondescript boring performances. Frankie may be cute but he can't sing. AT ALL. As for Nu Vibe - well boys your vocals were better but not tight enough to have a clear chance or overturning the X-FACTOR machine.

X Factor Machine Logic

There need be only one band of each sex in the competition. A boy band and a girl band is enough othewise it gets too messy. Frankie has just being saved for another day. Not sure. I feel bad. I feel it was a false one. I feel Nu Vibe should have stayed. But it's TV. Only TV. Compelling TV and tommorrow I'd forgotten about it.

Good luck, Nu Vibe.  I hope you stay together.