Kim Kardashian - Marriage Victim or Wedding Sinner?

Give the woman a break!

Kim Kardashian did not cause the Euro crisis, she not responsible for high unemployment and definitely has nothing to do with the so called global economic crisis.

Kim Kardashian does not set interest rates, nor does she has anything to do with inflation or the high cost of living. 

She won't be the first nor last woman to marry for whatever reason she did. Some marry for money, security or convenience. Some marry to procreate (have kids) or for a better life be that a green card or residency or a new life. 

Please. Stop. With. How. Low. Kim. Went.  

Kim Kardashian just a hootie who has capitalised on her coochie (Ray J Sex Tape) and bootie. In fact her whole family has capitalised on her showing her coochie. In some respects and remove all the trapping of weath, money and celebrity has being pimped and sold by her family.

 If fact if it wasn’t for the fact she was ‘brand’ it is no body’s business. Everyone is acting so moralistic. High and mighty but marriages break up every day. I think what really gets people is Ms Kim Kardashian is making money from it. Let break this down –  booty girl may be making cash but she is by no means making as much as the people/companies behind her. The magazines, TV channels and websites make so much off direct advertising.

She is selling a product (her life story as she lives it) to a vast market who want it. They demand and she supplies.

However Ms Kim Kardashian  does offer a vital service. She offers total escapism. While we berate, criticise or love her she allows us to forget out troubles or bills for that instant. And in some respect she might every allow us to feel better than her.

The only issue for Ms Kim Kardashian is when her brand starts to fade or some new wannabe takes over. But that is the really down to the tastes of her market. And also another thing but this is real personal is about relationships. Her life is a living product for sale so can she get a ‘private real serious’ relationship – that will be the question because after a while it appears to be pretty empty.

Even now making the rounds about how ‘real’ the wedding and marriage was is really marketing her brand. There is a cynical sound of till/cash register ringing in the background her agent/manager charges for ‘exclusive’ interview to the highest bidders. Those who can’t secure the atteintion of Ms Kim Kardashian just print their own analysis on the whole drama. 

In the end it’s entertainment. Ms Kim Kardashian’s life is product which she markets as a brand. She is paid to live her life in front of cameras/media that however she has done nothing wrong. It’s just because you see it and think you can judge her. But really you can’t because she doesn’t  know you or care.