Did L'oreal land Cheryl Cole InStyle December's cover?

copywrite InStyle magazine
Well done,  Cheryl Cole.

Okay, I'm cynical but I was surprised when Ms Cheryl Cole landed the December cover of the UK InStyle. Of course she is pretty, thin, well styled but so are a lot. I was curious to find why in my cynicism that she could land a cover when she discussing projects technically means doing. She doesn't have anything really to promote at the time.

Yes, she was or is UK's sweet heart and for a long time the face of UK's X Factor. She was on every single cover of magazine from Vogue to Cosmo. Then came the Simon Cowell fall out over the US X Factor. After that it's being her living and she is still living off that fall out.

Anyway I digress and wonder why she should get the cover. It's an important one - but then magazine covers are planned months in advanced. It's a bit like an accounting budget and they probably didn't Ms Thing was going to throw a hissy fit. However more inportantly was at the intervew was a L'oreal offical.

Least I forget that Ms Cole is contracted to L'oreal or in friendly-speak is a 'spokesperson'. Not sure what Cheryl Cole can tell us about L'oreal that we don't already know when she isn't extactly a hairdresser. Anyway. It's about money. She represents their products. They have sunk ir invested wads of cash (should I say shareholder's wealth to be annoying) to use Ms Cole's image and it needs to pay dividends. Literally to thousands of screaming investors. InStyle is also a commerical venture reliant on advertising. L'oreal has a huge advertising budget to make it that powerful to secure covers for nearly 'has been' or 'irrelevant' celebrities - you have to protect your assets and investment. Times are lean so editors might just have to play ball and advertises can in some cases call the shots. Also Ms Cole is pretty so is isn't that bad. What gives this alleged Instyle-L'oreal-Cole game away. Well Cole is savy enough it mention hair. Something about the large hair or what not. But it's the footnote that gives it away. She is not promoting a movie, or new album but she is promoting and it's there in italics something to do with L'oreal.

Hey who knows the truth but well done Cheryl Cole.

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