Love and Hip Hop: Kimbella and Chrissy setting scores hood style with video!!

Slap! Punch! Kick and Spit! Panties and weave flying! Two hoes get down and dirty. It can only be ....

O.M.G! Lowe and Hip Hop!!!!!!

Let me just say that  Chrissy Lampkin ought to know at 42 years of age  this was set up producers for drama.  Yes, Chrissy Lampkin is 42 years old!!

She didn't beat up Kimbella Vanderhee - she assaulted her. Lucky for her the girl didn't press charges. And Kimbella, you should be treated and disrespected like that regardless. It's not right. It's entertainment. You don't get paid enough for that.

 Kimbella was hit, punched and kicked by Chrissy in the first show of the second season. Everyone said that it was because Chrissy was protecting Emily but watching the show it's was really because Chrissy Lampkin can't stand girls like Kimbella.

From the first time of meeting her with her butt cheeks hanging out of some hot pants at Yandi's party she took an instant dislike to the woman. Even to the point of criticizing the way Kimbella spoke.

There is some about Chrissy Lampkin's character that does not let things go. It happened with Somaya's manager where he applogised to her off camera but she still had to go for it. It happened at the last reunion show where she couldn't just leave a topic alone even thought she had won. She had to have the last word. And it happened again in the first show where she couldn't let Emily and Kimbella deal with it.

Emily was talking and so was Kimbella but Chrissy Lampkin had to keep on going on. It wasn't about supporting Emily Bustamane it was more about the girls that Jim Jones and his boys party with. She lashed out at Kimbella because of what she represented to her. A women who went with rappers while they were in relationships. She lashed out at her deepest fear. The only problem is that all in all though Kimbella Vanderhee got a beating and pulled out a few weave tracks from Chrissy's head - Chrissy lost the most. She revealed her lack of self control that she could just lash out and hit a stranger. Even while the cameras were rollings. Can you imagine how she is in private. She just sees red and goes for it. It wasn't about her but it was really because her man is also a rapper and she dislikes these booty models. I guess we can see there is more to Chrissy that meets the air. Can Jim Jones carry her any where without her going crazy and beating up people? There is more to the Lampkin-Jones relationship that meets the eye.

In the end Kimbella Vanderhee wants to break out of her mode. She wants something different and thinks this will give her a shot. Good luck Kim.