Matt Candle: Letters

from BBC website
So 2011 2010 X factor winner Matt Candle is going into overdrive with comments about his crediblity and slagging off other stuff. I've listened to the album or rather samples from his website.

My favourite song was Walking on Water. As all the others including Gary Barlow's Run for your Life are genric boring copy and paste unorginal  chord progessions. Even the melody are unorginal however they are catchy. Boring very boring stuff. However this will not keep his fan from buying it.

Check out this review from the BBC

The problem with all this, is most it seem Mr Gary Barlow is getting a fair bit of credit for writing the song Run For Your Life. To be fair our Gary has penned better songs than this unorignal Run For Your Life busines. May Mr Barlow was feeling a bit lazy but seriously Gary, I know it's catchy and good for radio play however at time of writing it is now number 11 in itunes download chart.

Then again I don't like Matt's image or how he is protrayed. I have to say that because I don't know personally. He slags off a contest he wins just be credible and prove his so called 'real musicianship'. WTF! Makes a shit album still protesting to be a real artist who writes his own material.  Big Deal - you still went on X Factor.  Not sure, I get you dude. You just wanted to be famous and in the charts. You got your wish, dude, but as you can see everything comes as price because no matter what you say you are still SyCo's bitch so you better don't drop that Musical Soap.