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X Factor aka Who will be SyCo's new Bytch?

I love the programme. It doesn't matter who is judging I just love me some X Factor. Cheryl Cole or no Cheryl Cole. Simon Cowell or no Simon Cowell I just love the format. It's for those desparately seeking fame at all costs. GREAT TV!

I hear the same old blah blah blah about how it's a chance but it's also GREAT TV. It's not talent show it's just a huge two hour extravaganza which makes prats of people. They sing and are paraded like performing monkeys in front of an audience and we are asked to contribute and subsidize this debacle by voting for our favorates. Briilant. Sometime we vote for who like or sometimes it gets really tatical. The media and everyone from the office, job centre and school play ground - lets not forget the pub get in on the act. We all become talent judges and critcal. GREAT TV. Then towards the end is the fight for Christmas Number One.  It's also a family show because it's something in which the entire family will have an opinion on. Great stuff. Love it or hate it - X Factor is great view. The bitching between the judges to the gullible contestants who never seemed to asked themselves if they were so talented how come they needed a TV show to get fame.  So they trade their dignity and self-respect to either gain favour with millions or be humilated. Right now people are still getting deals without riding on the XFactor wave.

After the auditions come the live shows and that's where the going gets tough. It's a brilliant piece of entertainment and the best thing on TV. And No I don't watch Strictly Dancing. It's not my thing.

Anyway I digress the live shows are where the judges play sycophantic (brown nosing) droning fans to contestants and tell them how brilliant they are. They too for some reason apart from the really old and mature ones lap it up. The tell them how brilliant they are, my favourite is Louie Walsh who goes on about 'You are born to be on this stage! You are a recording artist.' Okay. Louie is brilliant, old school and a dapper at this bullsh*t - he had being doing it for many years. The others from time to time have to look down - maybe at a script which may show it's not all original.

Tulisa is like 'You are my guilty pleasure. You may not be everyone's cup of tea but you are my cup of tea.' Not too sure I can do Kelly because she justs drawls in Texas. Gary Barlow is just Gary off Take That to me.

Regardless of the contestants, regardless of the winners, each year  X Factor rolls up and I love it! My guilty winter pleasure.  It's great entertaiment and good programming. Note to all contestants - there are two types of winners on X Factors.  Those who win the show and those who get record contracts and win a career. It's nice to be both but better to be in the latter group.

What I love about the show
When they want people to be voted off the show they just give them songs they can't handle or fudge up arrangements so the live show night they look stupid.


Misha - the public does not get your style. They should just dress her like a normal lady and not like a fruitcake. Okay it is stylish but only if they you have the limbs of ether Alex Wek or Naomi Campbell. It was all Grace Jones get up - who is also tall and graceful. Just because it screams style does not mean it suits you. 
Vocally - she was brillant but however the song was rearranged for her range and voice. It will be interesting if they ever decided to give her a bad song. If they do - she should pull a Cher Loyd. I respect that chick. No one was going to mess her up!

Jenny Delvin. - she just sounds like every other Celtic folk vocalist. I did like her vocals this time around.

Frankie - you got tripped up boy! Even Louie was right there. That was a rubbish delivery.

The London Girl who fades from memory even though was on second to the last. You got stitched up ont the arrangements. There should have instruments supporting your bridge.  She gave a good perforamance but I can't seem to remember her name.

Kitty - well what can I say? Not really sure.


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