Beyonce 4 - reveiw

Okay, I'm finally listening to Beyonce new album and to be fair it's good but if this is the result of a meltdown of the alleged 72 recorded tracks then there isn't much to say.

As a package she is the business but vocally she is still straining in some places but hey that's for the vocalists to sort out.

 What I can't really understand is that there is no theme to it. It's a collection of songs which she must have just liked.  There are a few songs which are pretty good. Love on Top but there is nothing really new. It's not like her other stuff which I really enjoyed. She covers everthing. Is like a mismass of subjects.  I think it's a Beyonce album. It's goes from helpless female wanting to die over love to power woman. So you get everything.

 I'm not really sure where she is influenced by Afrobeats or Fela but then again I'm was a fan of his music.  All I do know in my cynical mind is that Jay-Z and the Smiths (Will and Jada Pinkett) are producers for the muscial Fela! So that might be a subminal plug. Hey it's a media game we all play.

Overall great album and good songs. Great arrangements and innovation in some instances. Slightly old school but nothing new unless you are looking technically in terms of arrangement and bringing in new influences. Bu if you are a hard-core musico you'd have heard it all before. 


1. '1+1': This song is very good but one things spoils out and I'm sure the production team must have debated it as well. It's supposed to be a serious love song but comes over a a joke because.....
Okay this song makes me laugh when she belts the you in the uppper register. It's so weird so I can't take it seriously. To me it needs to be a flawless transition otherwise it just seem weird and funny. Then the whole 'make love to me' phrase makes me laugh. It's not a song I can take seriously but I find it. Register transitions need to be flawless - not sure why this was put out. Leona Lewis can switch registers flawless and properly could have done it.  It's a good song but switching registers - or singing a high 'you' makes it see like a comedy song.

2. 'I Care': Great vocal and nice beat.
3. 'I Miss You': Okay - soppy for those who need a date with glass of red wine and the photoalbum or maybe facebook pictures going over the past. Oh yeah, it's about L.O.V.E
4. 'Best Thing I Never Had': I love this song but it's also emotional. Vocally not sure about it but then Beyonce is a complete package deal. More an entertainer than a vocalist.To be fair it's a difficult song to sing in terms of power but then it could have been rearranged differently. However it showcases Beyonce's technque and physical ability as a singer so great!

5. 'Party (Featuring Andre 3000)' This sounds like a Riahanna track. Sorry people but it sounds too similar in a way of feel to Rihanna's song Cheers or even her genre

6. 'Rather Die Young' James Dean???? WTF??? Okay, Iit appears was probably a rock song that has being rearranged to a R&B swing beat. I think the tempo and beat is all wrong. It's probably supposed to a powerful rock ballad - something I'd like to see rearranged and sung by Pink. This is song is begging to be let out of the cage and be freed as rock and roll.

7. 'Start Over': Great stuff.
8. 'Love On Top': Great stuff.
9. 'Countdown'

10. 'End of Time': This will probably be the one with the sax and heavy drum beats.  The arrangements are slightly, very slightly flavoured with the late Fela. Not sure of vocals - I think it's a good catchy club song and something for the young ones with the repetitive vocals.

11. 'I Was Here' An ballad, same old 'me me me' BS vocals singers bring out. Manipulative melody and arrange to arouse emotions - a job well done. When you fell depressed play this with a glass of wine and a tub of ice cream. Or great for a death match or funeral.

12. 'Run The World (Girls): Very clever arrangement. In fact, brillant. Not my favourite but I can appreciate the fact the music arrangements fills in the missing words. I just think this is really for the clubs and remixes. Also it's Beyonce's comfort zone because it's very Destiny Child.